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The School of Sciences offers its students another series of activities that complement the academic training . From computer facilities, to the option of doing sports, scholarships or participating in solidarity activities.

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Cultural Activities Office

  Beyond your Degree

In addition to the activities of School, cultural and social financial aid initiatives take place at campus .

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  You can help too

association from volunteer activities in which students contribute to building a better society.

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IT Services

  Technology, closer to home

E-mail accounts, virtual disks and access to all your academic management at a click of a button.

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Scholarships and Grants

  If you want to study, you can

The University offers student body different types of scholarships and grants for students.

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Sports Service

  Combining programs of study and sport

Students can use the University's sports facilities during their programs of study.

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Library Services

  Your perfect place to study

The Library Services houses the collection of bibliography basic and research specialised in science.

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