Boarding students

Boarding students

Student Interns are third-year students (who may renew in the fourth year) who join department to participate in tasks that contribute to theirscientific and professional training, carrying out work that is compatible with schedule and their dedication to study.



1. The management committee of School will open in February on application deadline.

2. In order to become a student intern, it is required not to have any subjects pending from previous years. The student must fill in the following form form which will be sent to administrative office at School.

3. The director of the department will issue a reasoned proposal of the students admitted with the allocation of places; this must be approved by the management committee of the School. The department will inform the students of the final decision.


1. It is not possible to be student Intern of several Departments at the same time.

2. The status of student Intern is understood to be granted for the academic year in which it is granted.

3. Third-year students may renew their appointment for the fourth year when department allows it.

4. Those who have not been boarders in 3rd year will not be able to apply for 4th year.

5. The figure of student intern is incompatible with a full-year Erasmus stay.

6. It is a mandatory condition to be student intern to have C everything before starting your stay at department.