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Boarding students

1. Boarding students are final-year students who join a department to participate in theirTasks of research and to support the other activities that are promoted from there, in a schedule compatible with their dedication to study, in order to contribute to their training scientific, professional and comprehensive.

2. The conditions to be student are as follows:

2.1. To be a student in the third year of study or higher.

2.2. Have a transcript with grade average equal or higher than 7.

2.3. The Internal studentshould provide a partnershipwith the departmentbetween 3 and 5 hours per week.

2.4. You cannot be an Internal student of several Departments at the same time.

2.5. The status of student Intern is understood to be granted for the academic year in which it is awarded.

2.6. Those who have been Student Interns of a department the previous year have preference to renew their appointment. If they wish to change department, they must follow the process and conditions of those who apply for the first time.

2.7. In the student's academic transcript there will be a record of the partnership.

2.8. Only with the explicit endorsement of a professor, certifying that the tasks to be performed by the student can be done remotely, students who plan to perform a exchange during the course may be appointed as Student Interns.

3. There is a specific call for Boarding Students who want to collaborate with the new Writing Center. For these cases, in addition to the requirements Candidates must have a grade minimum of 7.5 in the subject of Oral and Written Communication Techniques of the Study program of the Degree in Philology Hispanic.

4. Theconditions for constancy in the transcript Academic Status student They are:

4.1. Submit the two compulsory self-reports at the end of the 1st and 2nd semester of the course within the established deadlines.

4.2. report favourable department on the performance of the internal student .

4.3. Have attended the training organized by the Office of the Vice-Dean for Students.

5. TheProcess of application for the 2024-2025 academic year it is as follows:

5.1. The student must complete the form of application provided below.

5.2. Information collected from Office of Student Affairs will be sent to each department who will issue their report favorable or unfavorable and transfer it to the School.

5.3. The School It will decide before July 5 the applications received before June 20. The second resolution period will be 20 September, in which applications submitted until 8 September will be resolved through the form online from application. Applications after this date will not be accepted.

5.4. Once the applications have been resolved within each of the two deadlines, the School will inform the department of the resolution and the department communicate it to students. Likewise, the list of Boarding Students will be included on the Website of each of the Departments.


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