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08 | 04 | 2022


A law firm, the office of an international organisation, an agency dedicated to speechand public affairs... more than a hundred law students and International Officeof the University receive internships each year.

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Dynamics of groupwith professionals from the Pérez Llorca law firm.

The Careers Officeof the Schoolorganizes annually conferencede Processes On Campus y Career Week where Degreestudents participate in personalised interviews with national and international law firms and have the opportunity to attendto sessions with professionals from different fields who, in addition to their training, share their professional experience with the students. The Schoolalso offers the possibility of participating in the Week of the Civil Servants for those students interested in focusing their degree programtowards the civil service. 

"It is surprising to see the enormous workbehind each training talk, the advice staffand the presentationof the different firms. In my opinion, On Campus processes help the studentto know a little more about the reality of the legal internshipin firms with extensive experience and recognised prestige", says Patrick Chart Pascual, a native of Madrid and studentof third year of 5th year of the double degree Degreeof Law with Philosophy. "I have been able to know what this professional opportunity means and how the leading firms in the sector work. I would like to direct my degree programto the legal internshipif possible in one of the law firms that have visited the University, mainly because it has changed my way of seeing the legal profession. However, degree programLaw offers numerous opportunities ranging from teachingand competitive examinations, to advisory servicefor companies and individuals, so I am still in the process of determining what I would like to do".

The Careers Officeorganises conferencede Procesos On Campus and Career Week where the students of Degreeparticipate in personalised interviews with national and international law firms.

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On the left, Patrick Chart, studentof the double Degreein Law with Philosophy. On the right, Elena Díez de Ulzurrun, Law student with diploma in the Global Law Program.

The students particularly appreciate the human and approachable attentionprovided by the professionals from the firms and representatives of organisations and institutions, and the fact that they share their time and professional experience with them. "It is surprising that the professionals in question invest time in us, offer us help and make themselves available," adds Patrick Chart. 

Elena Díez de Ulzurrun Salicio, a native of Pamplona and a 3rd year law student with Diploma of the Global Law Program, also participated in the trials for the first time this year. contactIt is a very enriching experience that allows you to have a first contact with the big law firms without having to leave the University," she says. Precisely because of this, I think it is also a great opportunity to make yourself known and demonstrate your skills. In addition, you get to know each firm and, in this way, you can check, in a certain sense, which one is closest to your characteristics and where you can best fit in". Thinking about the future, Elena Díez de Ulzurrun values both a career as a lawyer and the world of civil service examination. "I want to do the summer internship to help me decide between the two," she says. 

workteamwork, international vocation and knowledgefluent English are some of the characteristics most valued by the law firms that come to campus to interview students. staffThe professionals highlight the opportunity to get to know each candidatein a more personal way, which gives them the opportunity to define the professional profilethey need.  

"We are looking for professionals who are passionate about the legal profession and who have an international vocation for degree programin the firm, as well as being committed and demanding," says Julia Fernández, a lawyer at Hogan Lovells.  

"In interviews, both with HR and with the different areas of internship, we value that candidates show a good attitude and initiative, and that they know how to work in a team. In addition to taking into account curricular activities, we also look at another subjectof different initiatives. We are looking for diverse profiles, as one of our values that is very present in our daily work at signatureis "diversity". We are very proud of the heterogeneity of our teams," he says.

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In the foreground, Gloria Cruz, head of the ICEX Scholarships sector in Navarre, with former student, Marta Larriú, during the presentationsession of the programme.

"In the interviews, both with HR and with the different areas of internship, we value that candidates show a good attitude and initiative, and that they know how to work in a team".

A window to the international business world

Gloria Cruz, head of the ICEX Scholarship sector in Navarra, took part in one of the sessions organised on the occasion of the International Relations Career Week to explain the requirements, the trainingand the international projection acquired by students who manage to take part in this programme. 

ICEX scholarship holders acquire the necessary tools to internationalise a businessand help Spanish companies to export their products abroad. "The programme is a window to the international world, to the business world," he said. 

graduatein International Officeat the University of Navarra and in Political Science & Economics at Elon University in the USA, Iñigo Bronte Barea, a native of Fitero (Navarra), looked out that window and now writes from New Zealand, where he works as advisorTrade and Investment at Ofecome in Wellington, as part of the ICEX Scholarship programme. subject"As it is a small office, I have to carry out functions ranging from contactwith local and Spanish companies for trade fairs, developmentof market reports, preparation of agendas for events with Spanish companies, presence at sectoral trade fairs". Bronte stresses that the training process of the Icex Scholarships is hard and demanding, but at the same time financial aidin terms of growth staffand academic growth. "In my case, it has been one of the best experiences without a doubt.

Iñigo Bronte also recalls that thanks to his participation in one of the virtual fairs of employmentorganised by the University, he had the opportunity to start the selection processand carry out an internship in summer 2020, in Caja Rural de Navarra. 

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On the left, Iñigo Bronte, from his office in Wellington, New Zealand. On the right, Isabel Fuentes, at the headquarters of the Constitutional Court.

Congratulations, Prosecutor!


"When I started degree programI only had my mind set on becoming a lawyer," says Isabel Fuentes Perales, a former student of School. While studying at the University, Isabel had the opportunity to do internships in private law firms, specifically at Pérez-Llorca in Madrid in 2014 and Clifford Chance in London in 2016, "experiences that shed light on how the profession works and brought me closer to the work of a lawyer", she explains. In addition, Isabel went to court on her own as occasional studentto attend hearings and hearings. "You discover the work of the judge and the prosecutor, and at the same time you learn a lot from Procedural Law. It was then that I decided to go into the judiciary. I was passionate about watching trials. 

A native of Tarazona, in Zaragoza, Isabel Fuentes graduated in Law with diploma Economics in 2018 and that same year it was clear to her that she wanted to take the competitive examinations. "Already in the fourth year of degree programI started going to talks given by alumniwho had managed to pass the civil service examination. I highly recommend it to all those students who have doubts or are unfamiliar with the world of the civil service examination. It gives you encouragement and courage to embark on project". 

In November, after three years and some twelve hours of study every day, Isabel passed the civil service examinationas a prosecutor. "When the President shared with me the news of the Cof my last exercise, I couldn't help it and I started to cry. There is so much tension and so much at stake that, once you see that you have achieved your dream, you can't say a word. The first thing I did when I came out of conference roomwas to hug my father and immediately call my mother. They both cried with me with joy. She is also grateful for the dose of motivation she received from her teacher, Ángel Ruiz de Apodaca. Until the beginning of June, she is studying a training course at the Centro de programs of studyJurídicos, at the Complutense University of Madrid. After the supervised internship in the courts in the summer, in December she will go to submissionand will be assigned to her new post.