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Research institutes

The institutes of School focus their research on different branches of legal science. 

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Human Rights Institute

Human Rights Institute

The Institute of Human Rights is a centre for study and research on human rights, linked to the area of Philosophy of Law at the University of Navarra. It was created in 1991 on the initiative of Mr. Javier Hervada, then director of department.


Institute for European and International Studies

Institute of European and International programs of study

The objectives of the Institute of European and International Studies are: To study the international and European scenario from an economic, legal, political and social point of view, in order to develop and produce working paper analyses and reports with which to contribute to the academic discussion of these issues; to offer University students and exchange students specialised courses on European and international issues; to serve as a forum for meeting and discussion that facilitates greater and better communication between public and private agents in the field of International Office and European; and promote the dissemination of research results in periodicals, collective books and monographs.

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classroom of Parliamentary Law

classroom of Parliamentary Law

The classroom de Derecho Parlamentario, created in 2002 by an agreement between the University of Navarra and the Parliament of Navarra, has as its basic purpose "to be an instrument at the service of the university community in general, aimed at deepening the study and knowledge of the political and parliamentary system".

To develop this goal, the classroom is freely managed by the department of Constitutional Law of the School.

Every year, the classroom organises conference and conferences on different topics, all of them with speakers of recognised prestige and a high scientific level.



Course in Navarre Law

Specialisation course in Navarre Law

With the aim of providing continuing education and updating the knowledge of Navarrese Law to legal practitioners and graduates, the University of Navarra's School Law School offers the Specialisation Course in Navarrese Law.

This is an activity aimed at the mutual enrichment of theoreticians and practitioners knowledgeable in the different branches of Navarrese law, based on the exchange of knowledge.