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Since 1952, the School Law School has kept its finger on the pulse of a constantly evolving society, adapting its programs of study and its way of teaching teaching and researching to the new realities and needs of the labour market.

Our goal is to train jurists and professionals of the International Office characterised by their solid academic training , capable of facing the new challenges demanded by today's society.

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Nested applications

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The School Law School is ranked among the 50 best in the world and the 1st in Spain in its specialization program, according to The World University Rankings.

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employment rate

Recruitment processes with leading firms and offices consultancy service . Students receive advice on interviews, dynamics of group, competitive examinations and international internships.

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Nested applications

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Honors Program

From 1st to 4th grade, we are looking for bright students, capable of taking responsibility, committed to society, passionate about work and determined to build a better future in a global world.

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International vocation

Collaborations with universities all over the world, on-site stays, the International Moot Courts, internships and employment international...

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Innovation professor

A unique method combining lectures, case method, seminars, research, counselling and teamwork.

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Specialise and strengthen your international profile , from the first day of class. Complement the Degree in Law with your own degree program in Economic Law, in the Anglo-American Law Program, or the International Business Program or both together forming the Global Law Program.

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Extra-curricular activities

Stays abroad, shadowing in offices, internships and semesters of exchange, Summits...

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Complement your training

Find out about the Master's Degree Programmes on School and continue your training with the best.