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Dikaios, club of discussion

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


Dikaios is the first discussion Club at the University of Navarra, founded and run by students and open to all Schools. Within the Club, in addition to various courses of training in rhetoric, a competition of discussion is organised on the second semester, which culminates on 19 February, the day on which the patron saint of the School, San Raimundo de Peñafort, is celebrated, and whose award is presented by the School of Law. This activity has been recognised as a Cultural Activity by the University and is part of the optional activities of the Honors Program.

We use two models of discussion:



School of Law

31009 Pamplona, Spain

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Aplicaciones anidadas


discussion Rhetoric

At Dikaios we use two models of discussion

The goal of each team - made up of two or three people - is to defend a given position, bringing into play skills such as rhetoric, insight, reasoning and critical listening, according to a model of discussion common in Europe and America.


discussion Dialectic

With the discussion dialectic, a space for reflection is sought in order to delve deeper into the foundations and rationale of specific topics

The aim is to provide a space for reflection in order to delve into the foundations and rationale of specific topics. In this model each dikaient presents his or her real position and strives to build bridges between it and that of others. In addition, this discussion is open to the public, who can make contributions and question the participants, as well as the professors, who now act as moderators.