The Worldview of the Great Scientists: the Enlightenment

presentation from the third volume of the series "The Worldview of the Great Scientists", devoted to the Enlightenment.
seminar from group Science, Reason and Faith.
Juan Arana Cañedo-Argüelles. Pamplona, March 18, 2022

Juan Arana is a professor at the University of Seville, member of issue of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, and member partner of the CRYF, where he gave the 2017 Mariano Artigas Memorial Lecture. His curriculum vitae can be consulted in his profile staff at the University of Se ville or in his Wikipedia voice.

During the 18th century the nascent science came of age. Across Europe, academies proliferated, professionalising the study of nature for the first time. Even the universities gradually abandoned their reticence. Physics, astronomy and natural history became fashionable: the idle classes of society promoted and cultivated them as hobbies. In the meantime, a process of secularisation began and philosophers often came into conflict with theologians. Scientists, who are in the process of achieving full independence, claim their autonomy and are often wary of the radicalism of ideologues, but this does not mean that they are indifferent to the great questions of existence. This volume presents the world view held by the most prominent researchers of the time.