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The Shroud of Turin: between science and faith

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The Shroud of Turin: between science and faith

seminar from group Science, Reason and Faith.
José Fernández Capo. Pamplona, December 18, 2018.


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Technical photographs by Vernon Miller

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José Fernández Capo holds a PhD in Veterinary Medicine from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He completed a General Administration programme at IESE in 2014. He has dedicated a large part of his professional activity to teaching and training for young people. She has been director of two colleges and taught teaching in different schools and at university, both in Madrid and Barcelona. For years he has studied the research carried out on the Shroud of Turin and has given several conferences on the topic.


The Shroud of Turin is the most famous Catholic relic. No one doubts this. But beyond this, does this piece of cloth have anything to say to the academic world? Can it constitute an object of scientific study?

After the test of carbon 14, shouldn't we consider the scientific question about the Shroud as settled? The answer is clearly negative. In a recent article published in Times it is affirmed: "this relic continues being an enigma for our time". In "The New York Times" it was also said: "[the Shroud is] a wonder of our scientific age". This seminar will review three important moments in the history of the Shroud of Turin from which we can draw valid lessons for scientists, philosophers and theologians, serving to enrich the dialogue between science and faith in current debates.