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TextToo much science gives back to God

summaryThe advances in physics lead many to believe that an ontological explanation of reality is not necessary. The testimony of the physicists who carried out these advances sample that only a scientifically poor vision leads to this conclusion.
Author: Ignacio Sols.

Video and presentationThe Science-Faith relationship as told to young people

summaryThe opposition between science and faith is currently accepted. In order to avoid this false collective imaginary, it is necessary to educate and disseminate a reasoned understanding of science and religion. The speaker explains the arguments and experiences he handles in his teaching and dissemination to young people.
Author: Enrique Solano Márquez.

Video and presentationGeorges Lemaître: the priest who discovered the Big Bang

summaryGeorges Lemaître (1894-1966), analysing Einstein's general relativity, concluded that the Universe is expanding and obtained Hubble's law (2 years before Edwin Hubble). In 1931 he proposed his hypothesis of the primordial atom, the first formulation of the Big Bang.
Author: Jorge Mira.

Video and presentationFrontiers between physics, metaphysics and theology

summaryThe advance of science narrows the field of faith explanations. Even if the boundaries between scientific and faith explanation yield to science, new questions can be seen behind the latest scientific explanations, which can only be answered from metaphysics or from faith.
Author: Grzegorz P. Karwasz.

The Big Bang and Creation 

summary: Detailed description of the Big Bang finding in the first two thirds of the 20th century, the discussion of Einstein's cosmological constant and Lemaître's later discoveries, and explanation of the lack of incompatibility of this model with the doctrine of creation.

Origin of the Universe: New Perspectives

summary: Explanation of the evolution of model of the Universe we have had from the end of the 19th century to the present day, and discussion of the causes of the crises that made the successive modifications necessary.
Author: Javier Burguete

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VideoThe Antikythera mechanism: Greeks amaze again

summary: Description of finding of the Antikythera mechanism, explanation of its main functions and review of the consequences for the history of technology and astronomy, and implications for the philosophy of science. .
Author: Christián Carlos Carman

The Higgs and the Higgs

summaryArticle published in the journal Palabra (August-September 2012, p. 6) which explains in non-technical language the nature of elementary particles, the finding of the Higgs boson and clarifies the origin of the expression 'the God particle'.
Author: Javier Sánchez Cañizares

Science and religion ("Mind and brain")

summaryHistorical article on the views of the last century and a half on science and religion: it examines the Anglo-Saxon views of the 19th century confronting science and religion, and the later developments that see the non-incompatibility or complementarity of both approaches.
Author: Luis Alonso

God and modern cosmologies

summaryVision of contemporary cosmologies in various authors: Caroll, Collins, Craig, Dembski, Hellen, Peters, Polkinghorne, Stoeger, Swinburne, Worthing.
AuthorEnrique Moros

The universe in its infancy

summaryNASA's WMAP probe has obtained a detailed image of the early universe, at 380,000 years old. This makes it possible to better explain how the present cosmos was formed from the Big Bang and reinforces the importance of subject and dark energy. And it does not provide a pre-Big Bang origin.
Author: Carlos A. Marmelada

PresentationEntropy and cosmology: Is our universe special? 

summary sample : The crucial role of the gravitational force and black holes in the growth of the entropy of the universe is discussed. Some estimates of this magnitude are given and the fundamental problem in the scientific understanding of the universe, which is not usually addressed by current theories, is highlighted.
Author: Javier Sánchez Cañizares

The compatibility of God with contemporary scientific worldviews

summaryarticle on the compatibility of theodicy with current cosmology, at purpose of an article by Soler Gil on the same subject topic.
AuthorHéctor Velázquez Fernández

Quantum cosmology and the origin of the universe. Physics and creation 

summaryCommentary on the article Cosmología cuántica y creación del universo, published by Jonathan J. Halliwell in Investigación y Ciencia (nº 185, February 1992, pp. 12-20), in which he clarifies the concept of self-creation of the subject held by some current physicists.
Author: Mariano Artigas

Life in the Universe: What do we know about the past and future of the world?

summaryReview by Mariano Artigas in Aceprensa (Service 197/94, 14 December 1994) of the extraordinary 150th anniversary issue of Scientific American magazine; origin of the universe, evolution, extraterrestrial intelligence, and comments on the problems of method: it often falls into a naturalism that is not very nuanced.
Author: Mariano Artigas

The divine and the human in Stephen Hawking's universe

summaryCommentary on the work Francisco J. Soler Gil. The divine and the human in Stephen Hawking's universe: clarifies the philosophical questions present in Hawking's theses, their implications for natural theology, and his concept of time.
Author: Carlos A. Marmelada

Nicolas Oresme, Grand Master of the high school of Navarre, and the origin of modern science

summaryThe high school of Navarre in its first hundred years, the foundation of the high school of Navarre, the high school of Navarre and the University of Paris, the political, ecclesiastical and intellectual environment, the beginnings: Jean de Jandun, the time of Oresme, a new era: d'Ailly, Gerson, Clamanges, overall assessment. Oresme and the physical school of Paris, science in the 14th century: Oxford, the approaches of the physical school of Paris, Jean Buridan and his disciples, Nicolas Oresme, Oresme's scientific contributions, mathematics, the geometrical representation of qualities, the law of accelerated motion, the fall of the Graves, the theory of impetus, cosmology, science and astrology, economics, the scientific method, Oresme's place in the history of science.
Author: Mariano Artigas

Sciencie and Religion in Dialogue

summaryCompilation of a series of lectures on science and religion given by the various authors in China, funded by the Templeton Foundation.
Author: José Manuel Fidalgo

The anthropic principle: science, philosophy or guesswork?

summary: Historic origin of the Anthropic principle and modern development of the basic idea.
Author: Mariano Artigas

Time Reborn. From the Crisis in Physics to the Future of the Universe

summary: Review of Smolin Lee, Time Reborn. From the Crisis in Physics to the Future of the Universe. The work reviews physical theories and relates them to a philosophical reflection on the validity of science.
Author: Javier Sánchez Cañizares