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Legal Clinic

Nested applications

Nested applications

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The Legal Clinic is a program of Schools of Law in which skills and responsibilities of the legal professions are taught in an active way internship . Its name, Legal Clinic, comes from the idea of applying the methodology of the programs of study of medicine (teaching theoretical and internship hospital) to the Schools of Law, thus combining the theoretical study with the internship legal.

The launch of the University of Navarra Law Clinic is a manifestation of the University of Navarra's commitment to the promotion of social justice and the defence of the fundamental rights of the individual.

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  1. Improve the legal training of the students of School Law.

  2. To foster social responsibility and growth in values through a commitment to voluntary and unpaid service for the benefit of the community.

The Clínica Jurídica Universidad de Navarra operates in three different areas:

Nested applications

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AJÁ (legal aid of students)

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Street Law Street Law School

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Youth House

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