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The Degree at International Office of the School Law School organises lecture series on different continents, in which different specialists address current issues on the continents and their relationship with the Western powers.

Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North America and Latin America. Meet all the experts who have visited us.


Nested applications


Asia Summit

Spanish flag Josep Piqué | Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of the Foundation committee Spain Japan.

Spanish flag Antonio Millán | Diplomatic Representative of Spain to the European Union.

Flag of South Korea Hong-jo Chun | Ambassador of South Korea.

Spanish flag José Manuel Martínez | Director of Cepsa Chemistry.

Flag of Russia Pavel Zavarzin and Nadezhda Dementieva | Diplomats at the Russian Embassy.

The diplomats gave the session 'The Russian vision of the current geopolitical context. Relations between Russia and Spain', where they recommended to the students, among other points, to learn about their country's positions on the various issues of discussion international, as well as the position of other countries in this regard.


Spanish flag Antonio Millán | Representative of Spain to the European Union.

Diplomat Antonio Millán, Spain's representative to the European Union, explained why Asia Pacific is important for understanding the situation of Spain and the EU in the world.


Spanish flag Nicolás de Pedro | Analyst at the Institute for Statecraft.

The analyst Nicolás de Pedro gave the session 'Central Asia: from the new Great Game to the new Silk Road (1991-2019)' and pointed out that the work carried out by thought and research centres is to try to "provide clarity and elements to understand this complex and rapidly evolving reality".


Spanish flag Gabriel Cortina | consultant and analyst at the think tank 'article 30'.

Article 30' analyst Gabriel Cortina explained 'Russia and the VV axis' at the Asia Summit. He also recalled that, although the IR environment is global, regional perspectives should not be neglected; and he praised the recovery of the figure of the analyst, a person who provides value, experience and in-depth analysis.


Spanish flag Fernando Alonso Navaridas | Deputy Director General for South and East Asia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Fernando Alonso Navaridas addressed the challenges at International Office in Asia, as well as Spain's geostrategic vision in Asia for the next decade.

Flag of India Venkatesh Varma | Ambassador of India to Spain.

The Indian ambassador participated in the Asia Summit lecture series, where he spoke about the challenges facing the country. He also wished to concur with the students in their professional dedication: "They will be working for Spain in different parts of the world, including India. And I have to tell them that we will be happy to welcome them as friends of our country.


Spanish flag Josu Jon Imaz | CEO of Repsol.

Repsol's CEO explained the challenges facing the energy sector, which include generating more energy, achieving a competitive industry and sustainability.


Flag of China Lyu Fan | Ambassador of the People's Republic of China

Chinese Ambassador Lyu Fan encouraged university students to "read more than 10,000 books and walk more than 10,000 km", explaining that it is as important to learn from books as it is to learn about society and life.


"Legal cooperation with Spain is extensive and fruitful".

Flag of South Korea Park Hee-Kwon | Ambassador of South Korea

The South Korean ambassador presented global challenges in international security at the UNMUN (University of Navarra Model United Nations), conference where students take on the role of diplomats representing a state or nation and discuss international policy issues.

Park Hee-Kwon, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea: "The world is in our hands and we must defend peace".

Flag of Japan Santiago Miñano | advisor political, Embassy of Japan

The political advisor Santiago Miñano, from the Embassy of Japan, said that "many economic issues are related to political changes and knowing how to anticipate them is going to be in great demand in companies". At the Asia Summit, the Defence and Security specialist analysed the geopolitical relations between Spain and Japan, as well as the main challenges facing the Asian country.


"North Korea is the main threat to Japan".

Flag of Russia Kirill Ignatov | First Secretary, Russian Embassy

Diplomacy, politics, interpretation and translation... Kirill Ignatov, First Secretary of the Russian Embassy lists some of the possible employment opportunities for students at International Office. At the Asia Summit the diplomat addressed core topic approaches to diary international and security policy in Russia.


"It is only possible to fight international terrorism together and with respect for the central role of the UN.

Spanish flag Mario Esteban | Senior Analyst Asia-Pacific, Real Instituto Elcano

Mario Esteban, an analyst at the Elcano Royal Institute, stated that "in the century in which we live, a person who does not know the world in which he or she lives will find it more difficult to be employed than a person who does". In the session, Mario Esteban gave "an approach to Asia Pacific: towards a new cold war?" and explained how relations between Europe and East Asia are developing.


Flag of China Huang Yazhong | Minister Counsellor, Embassy of the People's Republic of China

Huang Yazhong, Minister Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy, talks about the employment outlook of Degree from International Office. At lecture, the Minister Counsellor discussed status geopolitics in Asia Pacific and the main issues of China's politics, demography and Economics in the 21st century.


"China is not fighting for world hegemony".


Latin America Summit

Spanish flag Trinidad Jiménez | Director of Global Public Affairs Strategy at Telefónica, Vice-President of the Ibero-American Business Foundation.

"Latin America: challenges after the Covid crisis".

"The pandemic calls for an ambitious recovery plan that Latin America cannot face alone".

Spanish flag José Antonio García Belaunde | European representative of CAF, Banco de development de América Latina.

"Political relations and integration in Latin America in the light of the pandemic".

Spanish flag José Gasset | Director International Institutional Relations Director of Iberdrola. President of the Brazil-Spain Chamber of Commerce.

"Latin America: risks and opportunities. Iberdrola's experience".

Spanish flag Luis Almagro | University Secretary of the OAS.

"The OAS and the Post Pandemic. Resilience in the Americas".

Spanish flag Esther Rodríguez | Inter-American Bank at development.

Esther Rodríguez analysed the opportunities and challenges facing Latin America and the Caribbean, a region where "economic growth could be multiplied if better investments were made". She stressed the importance of developing innovative investment mechanisms and explained the objectives of the Inter-American Bank development.

Opportunities and challenges for Latin America and the Caribbean in 140 characters.

Flag of Argentina Carlos Malamud | Real Instituto Elcano.

The researcher addressed the "intense electoral cycle" in Latin America, which includes fourteen presidential elections. All of this, he explained, in the face of the economic, political, social and humanitarian crisis that some of the countries in the region are experiencing, status .

Latin America's "intense electoral cycle" under scrutiny at the Latin America Summit at International Office.

Flag of Venezuela Miguel Henrique Otero | Director of El Nacional.

The director of the Venezuelan daily El Nacional assured that "there is hope left in Venezuela", as it is possible that the regime "will not last long; it has all the planets aligned against it". lecture At status he spoke about the country's current situation, as well as the freedom of the press, which is "restricted" by the government.

Miguel H. Otero: "Venezuela is in a moment where change seems imminent".

Flag of England Michael Reid | The Economist.

The publisher senior at The Economist explained in the lecture 'Brazil and Latin America: the rebellion of the masses' what are the causes that precipitated the victory in the first round of the candidate presidential election of Jair Bolsonaro, whose policy is a "break with the previous one".

Michael Reid, The Economist, discusses Brazil's political situation at the Latin America Summit.


North American Summit

Flag of Mexico Roberta Lajous | Ambassador of Mexico.

Mexican Ambassador Roberta Lajous celebrated the fortieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mexico and Spain. She also addressed current international issues and encouraged students who aspire to a career as diplomats.


"Walls are useless.

Flag of the United States Mel Martinez | Former United States Senator from Florida.

Former US Senator Mel Martinez shared with the students of Schools Law, Economics and speech the scope of the new American administration on the national and international scene, as well as the policies of the new US President, Donald Trump.

"Populism will not triumph either in France or in Germany".

Flag of Canada Mathew Levin | Ambassador of Canada.

Canadian Ambassador Matthew Levin underlined that Canada's main value is diversity, "a source of wealth, not a threat", as it allows for a breadth of perspectives.


"Don't be afraid of openness, Canada is result of migration".

Spanish flag Charles Powell | Director of the Real high school Elcano.

The director of Spain's leading international and strategic think-tank programs of study , Charles Powell, addressed international instability and alluded to US protectionism, Brexit and populism.


"Education and the ageing population, Spain's challenges".


Middle East Summit

Flag of Israel Yinam Cohen | Minister Counsellor of the Israeli Embassy in Spain.

The Minister-Counsellor of the Israeli Embassy explained that, although discussion on Israel "is sometimes oversimplified, there are nuances" and recalled that the region shares with Spain "a very ancient history and heritage", as well as thirty years of diplomatic relations.

Understanding to build bridges and move forward.

Spanish flag Pablo Sapag Muñoz de la Peña | Professor at the Complutense University of Madrid.

The professor at the Complutense University of Madrid indicated that, in order to understand Syria, it is necessary to analyse it from different perspectives: socio-political, historical, geopolitical, military, propagandistic and media... He did so in the lecture he gave at the Middle East Summit.

Breaking stereotypes to get closer to Syria.

Spanish flag Francisco Javier Puga Llopis | Head of Area in the Sub-Directorate General for the Middle East in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The head of area at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Sub-Directorate General for the Middle East explained the situation in Lebanon, Iran, Iraq and Yemen, among other countries. He analysed their history, recent conflicts, threats and their relationship with Spain. 

"The Middle East is geo-strategically very interesting".


Africa Summit

Flag of the Democratic Republic of Congo Prof. Mbuyi Kabunda | Member of the International Institute of Human Rights.

Professor Mbuyi Kabunda opened the Africa Summit by outlining the regional integration challenges facing African nations. His proposal was, first, to change the perspective from which Africa is viewed from Afro-pessimism to Afro-realism. Second, he proposed establishing a 'supranational pan-Africanism', i.e. implementing policies that benefit Africa and are in the interests of Africans.

Made in Africa.

Flag of Uganda Prof. Norman Sempijja | University of Navarra.

The professor from the University of Navarra spoke about armed conflicts and terrorism in the African region and the role played by international organisations. One of the points highlighted by the professor was the lack of commitment on the part of governments: "States may want to protect human rights, but if these plans affect their interests, there will be problems", he stressed.

Peace operations in Africa: a complicated puzzle.

Spanish flag Dr. Paula Hidalgo | United Nations Pulse Lab, Kampala.

Paula Hidalgo, PhD in Geography, told the students about work that the UN Pulse Lab in Kampala is using big data and artificial intelligence. Hidalgo said that these are new tools that are changing the way they are trying to solve problems endemic to the region. In his session, he listed examples of research and projects that had been developed, using these tools, to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals development .

New tools that maximise the common good.

Spanish flag D. Diego Nuño | Directorate-General for Africa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Diego Nuño, a member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Directorate General for Africa, explained the keys to the Third Africa Plan, the ministry's new strategy for approaching the continent's challenges.

The Foreign Ministry's new plan changes the approach in Africa.

Spanish flag Prof. Óscar Mateos | GLOBALCODES.

Mateos, director of the GLOBALCODES think tank, presented the students with the ideas that are shaping the Africa of tomorrow. The professor highlighted the region's immense development as one of its strengths. He also stressed the importance of developed countries getting involved in the continent "without doing more damage", but rather respecting the internal processes of the region and seeking the benefit of both parties.