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Origins of man

Origins of man

seminar room from group Science, Reason and Faith.
Francisco Rodríguez Valls. Pamplona, 18 September 2018.


Francisco Rodríguez Valls is Professor of Philosophical Anthropology at the University of Seville, where he graduated in Philosophy with award Extraordinary and obtained his doctorate. He has carried out postdoctoral stays of research at the Universities of Oxford, Glasgow, Vienna, Munich and Berlin Technical University. His monographic books on research include The Gaze in the Mirror (2001), Anthropology and Utopia (2009), The Emotional Subject (2015) and Origins of Man (2017). He has translated Thomas Reid's Del Poder (2005) and Thomas Nagel's La mente y el cosmos (2014). He is a member of the Permanent seminar room Naturaleza y libertad of the University of Seville and is co-director of the interdisciplinary journal of the same name programs of study published by the University of Malaga. He is Visiting Professor at several universities in Colombia and Peru.


In the book Orígenes del hombre (Library Services Nueva. Madrid, 2017), Professor Rodríguez Valls summarises and evaluates the arguments that the natural science of the last two hundred years and the hermeneutics of the last century have contributed to the explanation and understanding of the human being. Starting from the Darwinian framework of understanding, he reviews the birth of human corporeality and culture and tackles the fundamental themes of anthropology: the origin of affectivity, consciousness and freedom. His purpose is to offer an interdisciplinary update of what we know today about the human with the aim of establishing what constitutes its uniqueness and dignity purpose . In this seminar room, the author will set out the key points that underpin its content and its main conclusions.