Counselling provides student with the committee and guidance of a teacher from the early years onwards

Counselling is part of the University of Navarra's project educational , which aspires to the integral formation of its students, so that they can develop all their potential and make the most of all aspects of university life.

Advising provides students with the committee and guidance of a professor from their first years at the University and throughout their programs of study.

Some of the objectives of the counselling are as follows:

  • To inform and guide students in the beginning of their university studies.

  • Contribute to training in personal habits and professional skills.

  • Guidance on the academic pathway .

  • Decision-making in the field of vocational guidance.

Advising is a commitment of the University. Along with research, teaching and service tasks, dedication to personal counselling is an essential part of the work of every professor at the University of Navarra.

The University has the Tu&Co programme, which enhances the personal counselling of student with the development of competences.