Boarding students

Student Interns are final year students who join a department to participate in its research work.

A student intern is a final year student who joins a department to participate in its research tasks at schedule compatible with his or her dedication to study, in order to contribute to his or her professional academic training.

You can become a student intern from the third year onwards.

What do I need to become a student Intern?

  • Be a student in the third year or higher.

  • Have a transcript with grade average equal or higher than 7.

  • You cannot be student internal of several Departments at the same time.

  • The status of student intern is understood to be granted for the academic year in which it is awarded.

  • Those who have been interns at department the previous year have preference to renew their appointment.

  • transcript A record of the student's academic record will be available at partnership.

deadline for apply for: September 15, 2024.