enquiry the schedule and the venue of the final exams

Dates are subject to change due to force majeure. It is recommended to consult them before the exams.

> DECEMBER regular call for DECEMBER

> MAY regular meeting

> re-sit examination period of JUNE

> Call END OF degree program


Coincidence of exams

In the event that the exam dates of two or more basic, compulsory or core subjects coincide, the Coordination of Studies of the School of Law must be notified by e-mail(, 15 days before the start of the exam period.


Withdrawal of convocation

Withdrawal may be granted if there is a justified reason to do so. The mere accumulation of exams is not considered sufficient reason. No waivers will be granted for subjects taken in the fourth or grace period. The granting of Withdrawal has no financial effect.

Applications should be sent to written request up to 15 days before the start of the examination period.


re-sit examination period having passed the ordinary

Students who so request may be assessed at re-sit examination period, even if they have passed subject that year. To do so, they must submit a written request to sit this exam at least 5 days before the start of the exam period. Likewise, if they finally wish to cancel their application, they can do so by means of another written request, also up to 5 days before the start of the exams.

The final grade will be that of re-sit examination period, even if it is lower than the one obtained previously.