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The group de research Siglo de Oro (GRISO), founded in 1990 by Ignacio Arellano, brings together 11 researchers from the University of Navarra itself and nearly 40 associate members from different Spanish and foreign universities and cultural institutions. Since the 1997-1998 academic year, it has been developing the Priority Line of research "Siglo de Oro" at the University of Navarra, which includes various multidisciplinary projects that have facilitated the creation of international networks of research.

Since its creation, GRISO has organised numerous international congresses (nearly three hundred in Europe, Africa, America and Asia), and has also promoted the publication of programs of study and critical editions (on Calderón, Quevedo, Tirso de Molina, Cervantes, Lope de Vega, Bances Candamo...), book collections ("Autos sacramentales completos de Calderón", "Autos sacramentales completos de Calderón", "Anejos de la Historia Hispánica", " Áurea Hispánica", " Indiana", "Publicaciones del ), collections of books ("Autos sacramentales completos de Calderón", "Library Services Áurea Hispánica", "Library Services Indiana", "Publicaciones del high school de programs of study Indianos", "Anejos de La Perinola", "BIADIG-Library Services Áurea Digital", etc.) and scientific journals of recognised international prestige(La Perinola. Revista de research Quevediana and yearbook Calderoniano, both indexed in Thomson Reuters Web of Science / Arts and Humanities Citation Index and with the grade of "Excellent" of the FECyT; also, GRISO is part of the consortium publisher of Hipogrifo. Revista de literatura y cultura del Siglo de Oro).



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