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TC/12 Consolider

TC/12 Consolider

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TC/12 Consolider

The project Consolider, funded by the Consolider-Ingenio 2010 Programme, within the National Plan of research research and development +i of the Ministry of Economics and Competitiveness of the Government of Spain, was developed between 2010-2014 by the team of research Patrimonio Teatral Clásico Español. Texts and Instruments of research (TECE-TEI), made up of more than 150 researchers from 52 universities and research centres in 10 countries, distributed in 12 groups that have become an international benchmark for humanistic programs of study . The research, which focused on Spain's classical theatrical heritage, was divided into five main areas:

  1. Creation of new instruments for research and application of new technologies to the research on classical Spanish theatre.

  2. Systematic edition of the Spanish theatrical heritage to make it available to the academic community and professional.

  3. programs of study on specific aspects of area.

  4. Creation of a collection of European Classical Theatre, in digital edition and in several languages (with hyperlinked translations).

  5. Active policy of dissemination and projection of research and of training of new researchers in this area.

This project has been continued through "TC/12 network del patrimonio teatral clásico español", with presence in the Library Services Virtual Miguel de Cervantes, where it is available "Canon 60", an essential collection of Spanish classical theatre with editions at position by different researchers of the TC/12.

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Spanish Classical Theatrical Heritage. Texts and Instruments from research (TECE-TEI)

International line of research focused on the study of Spanish Golden Age theatre.