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La Perinola

Quevedo'sPerinola is probably the sharpest and fiercest work of literary criticism that can be read. The name of our Perinola, Revista de research Quevediana is intended as a tribute to the intelligence - not the ferocity - of Don Francisco.

It will try to be a journal of criticism in its broadest sense, open to all partnership from any approach and perspective, as long as it contributes to the better knowledge of a vast and multiple, polemic and undoubtedly admirable work, deserving, in our opinion, of a specific journal.

La Perinola is conceived, therefore, from the beginning, as an organ of speech for Quevedo scholars who wish to collaborate with its aims, and as an instrument at the service of all, especially at the service of Francisco de Quevedo and his work.

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La Perinola. Magazine of research quevediana

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