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Los últimos días de Cervantes tit

The last days of Cervantes 

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Los últimos días de Cervantes 

The last days of Cervantes 

The groupde researchSiglo de Oro (GRISO) recreates through its Twitter account, @griso_unav, the last thoughts of Miguel de Cervantes, from 18 to 23 April, until his death and burial.

Los últimos días de Cervantes presen

To tell on Twitter what Cervantes' last days were like - or could have been like - was the goalof this initiative promoted by a groupof students and the groupof researchSiglo de Oro (GRISO) of the University of Navarra. The projectcombined the rigour of objective information - period documentation, biographical research, bibliographyCervantes - with a certain amount of literary recreation.

We set out to reconstruct a temporal arc from 18 to 23 April 1616, the date on which Cervantes was buried in the convent of the Trinitarias Descalzas in Madrid. Until 22 April, the day of his death, the enunciating voice corresponded to Cervantes himself: memories of his past life, which came to his mind in a certain "disorderly order", from the full awareness of his worth as a writer, with his literary triumphs - and also his failures -, with disappointments and unfulfilled dreams... In short, a life balance plenary session of the Executive Councilof lucidity but, at the same time, necessarily partial, haphazard and subjective. As far as possible, phrases taken from Cervantes' own writings were used, sometimes spoken by some of his characters, but with the licenceof having been adapted to the occasion.

From the moment of his death, another narrative voice - a third person, a contemporary witness to the events - took over the account of Cervantes' burial and provided us with some of the reactions, both real and possible or imagined, that took place in the Villa y Corte after the news of the death of the prince of Spanish wit.

The story was built from the GRISO account, @griso_unav, from Monday 18 April until Saturday 23, under the hashtag #ÚltimosDíasCervantes.

This initiative formed part of the extensive programme of activities that GRISO-University of Navarra is developing throughout 2016, at frameworkof the commemorations of the 4th Centenary of the death of Cervantes, which will include various publications, academic events and other cultural outreach activities. This programme will culminate with the celebration at the University, on 19-21 December 2016, of the International congressCervantes, his work and his time. Fourth centenary (1616-2016).

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