The professors of the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra attend to the students individually through tutorial .staff

The professors of the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra attend to the students, on an individual basis, through the tutorial staff. This is a right of all students, forms part of the task of every teacher and is at the same time a fundamental characteristic of the University.

What is it about?

Counselling staff is a service that financial aid provides students with everything that can contribute to improving their academic performance and their career guidance, to facilitating their participation in university life and their cultural and human training . The exercise of counselling makes it possible for the Education to be staff and, therefore, more effective.

It is not a circumstantial activity to respond to a need at a given moment. Nor does it only make sense when student has serious academic difficulties. It is a permanent relationship between the teacher and the student, in which both parties are enriched.

Counselling is carried out through interviews that arise occasionally or through regular and scheduled face-to-face meetings. Regularity is essential for the effectiveness of this means of training .

How to arrange a quotation?

The teacher advisor for each student is initially assigned by Office of Student Affairs of the school. New students find out who their advisor is through a letter they receive a few weeks before the start of classes. This letter, signed by advisor, contains the e-mail address of the student. In this way it is possible to arrange a first interview on the day of the first year presentation .

All students have the right to freely access tutorial, as well as apply for for a change of teacher advisor. Requests for a change of advisor can be made through administrative office.


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