October 18, 2006

Global Seminars & Invited Speaker Series


Interventions on the decoration of Tudela Cathedral

Dr. Mercedes Jover Hernando.
Historical Heritage Service

Interventions on the decoration of Tudela Cathedral

With abundant images, the interested public was shown how the works of conservation and restoration of the set of goods that make up the furniture and ornamentation of the cathedral of Tudela have been developed, that is, their organization and execution, as well as the general criteria that have governed each and every one of the interventions carried out by specialists in the framework of the restoration of the interior of the Tudela cathedral, carried out between 2002 and 2006.

In this way, the different phases (disinsectisation, protection, dismantling and transfer to the workshops, conservation and restoration treatment, storage and reinstallation in their places of origin or in situ treatment), which the goods have gone through, grouped into two sets: those that were dismantled for treatment and those that remained covered until treatment. All of this is based on the conviction that knowing the material life of the goods that make up its decoration is important because it explains the current characteristics of bequest of the riverside cathedral.