The University of Navarra'sChair de Patrimonio y Arte Navarro was created in 2005 in response to the need to promote culture in general and, within this, Navarrese culture in particular, with the purpose aim of fostering its knowledge and raising the level of culture.

A fundamental sector of this culture is made up of the monumental and artistic heritage of Navarre, a rich heritage of the historical past with its own unique and diverse character.

The knowledge and dissemination of heritage and cultural assets play a major educational role in today's world, because they make it possible for citizens to be aware of their roots, values and traditions, while raising awareness for their conservation and enjoyment.

The Chair is based on a trajectory of several decades of programs of study of Navarre's heritage, which is based on theMonumental Catalogue of Navarre. Carried out over twenty years (1977-1997) at the department of Art History of the University of Navarre under the direction of Professor García Gainza, the Government of Navarre and the Archbishopric of Pamplona collaborated in this project of research . Once it was completed, and its results published in nine volumes published by the Institución Príncipe de Viana, a database was created with its contents and all its photographic collections, comprising some 40,000 photographs, were digitised. Based on these solid foundations instructions, in 2005 the Chair de Patrimonio y Arte Navarro was created with the support of the Regional Government sponsorship , initiating a new stage in which the main aim is to place at the service of Navarrese society the knowledge and the evaluation of a heritage that belongs to it for the sake of its protection and conservation. The Chair thus echoes the recommendations of UNESCO regarding Education, awareness and dissemination as basic tools in the defence of cultural assets.

agreement The Chair de Patrimonio y Arte Navarro has been financed from the beginning by the Government of Navarre through the General Administration de Universidades of the department de Education.



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