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From 14 to 17 September 2016
Los Arcos, El Busto, Sansol, Armañanzas and Torres del Rio



On 14, 15, 16 and 17 September 2016, the Chair de Patrimonio y Arte Navarro of the University of Navarra gave the summer course graduate Los Arcos y su distrito: tres siglos entre dos reinos (1463-1753), which was attended by more than 400 people. framework The lectures took place in the parishes of Los Arcos, El Busto, Sansol, Armañanzas and Torres del Río and were complemented by a guided tour of the aforementioned localities visit . Various professors and specialists in the subject, from the University of Navarre and the universities of the Basque Country, Zaragoza and La Rioja, all of them members of the Chair of Navarrese Heritage and Art, gave the corresponding lectures. The course was rounded off with a guided visit led by Román Felones, professor of Art History at the classroom de la Experioencia of the Public University of Navarre, to whom the inaugural lecture was also due, which served to contextualise the course.

The parish of Los Arcos welcomed more than a hundred people on the first day of the course.

The parish church of El Busto was packed to listen to Professor Echeverría Goñi.

The San Zoilo de Sansol parish church during the lecture event.

The lecture of Armañanzas took place in the parish church, with a large audience.

The summer course closed with the lecture given in the parish of Torres del Río.


Los Arcos and its district: three centuries between two kingdoms (1453-1755)


Wednesday, 14th September
Between Navarre and Castile (1463-1753)
D. Roman Felones Morrás. Lecturer in History of Art at classroom de la Experiencia. Public University of Navarra

Tasting and savouring: the arts at the service of the senses in the parish church of Los Arcos
D. Ricardo Fernández Gracia. University of Navarra

Thursday, 15th September
Another jewel of the Renaissance in Navarre: the altarpiece of San Andres de El Busto
D. Pedro Luis Echeverría Goñi. University of the Basque Country

Stone and stonework at the service of the Church and the nobility in Sansol
Ms. Pilar Andueza Unanua. University of La Rioja

Friday, 16th September
Armañanzas: in the footsteps of its church, altarpieces and emblazoned houses
José Javier Azanza López. University of Navarra

The artistic heritage of Torres del Río: much more than the Santo Sepulcro (Holy Sepulchre)
María Josefa Tarifa Castilla. University of Zaragoza

Saturday, 17th September
visit Guided tour to Torres del Río, Armañanzas, Sansol, El Busto and Los Arcos.