November 16, 2006

Global Seminars & Invited Speaker Series


The intervention on the ornamentation of Tudela Cathedral

Dr. Mercedes Jover Hernando.
Historical Heritage Service


Cathedral of Tudela. Altarpiece of San José

Cathedral of Tudela. Altarpiece of San José

The cathedral of Tudela was closed between April 2002 and July 2006. During this period of time, the interior of the cathedral has been completely restored and all of its furnishings and ornamentation have been restored, applying the most appropriate conservation and restoration treatment to each altarpiece, sculpture, painting on panel or canvas, stone carving or mural painting.

It has been a highly complex, interdisciplinary intervention in which architects, archaeologists, restorers, art historians, and a whole team of technicians and specialists have worked side by side for more than four years.

The lecture, with abundant graphic support, described the complex task of conservation and restoration applied to the ornamentation of the cathedral of Tudela, showing the organization and development of the work, as well as the objectives and criteria that have governed them.

The last phase of this important and complex intervention is its dissemination, through a temporary exhibition , "Tudela. El bequest de una catedral", which sample in situ the works carried out. It was therefore conceived as an "illustrated" visit to the cathedral.