Dr. Eduardo Morales Solchaga

graduate in History from the University of Navarra (2004) and PhD in Art History from the same university (2008). After participating as an internal student in the department of Art History, he joined as teaching assistant, becoming part of the academic staff of the Chair of Heritage and Navarrese Art (2005).

His doctoral thesis dealt with the artistic guilds in Pamplona in the Baroque centuries, focusing on the more strictly organisational aspects, training and legislation. He has published several monographic articles in specialised journals, as well as programs of study as a result of communications and papers at national and international conferences.

Together with Pilar Andueza Unanua and under the direction of Ricardo Fernández, he coordinated the exhibition "San Francisco Javier en las artes. El Poder de la Imagen" (2006), as well as collaborating with José Javier Azanza López in the acquisition and digitalisation of images for a book commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the Sadar stadium, graduate "Fútbol y arquitectura. Estadios, las nuevas catedrales del siglo XXI" (2007), which gave rise to an eponymous exhibition , financed by the Osasuna Foundation.

In addition to his own publications and those outside Chair, he has contributed programs of study and catalogue entries to various monographs and exhibition catalogues, including those on Juan de Goyeneche (2005), San Francisco Javier (2006), Monasterio de Fitero (2007), Las Edades del Hombre (2009), San Miguel de Corella (2010) and San Cernin de Pamplona (2011).

He collaborated in all the campaigns of the Catalogue of Movable Goods of the Cultural Heritage of Navarre (2006 - 2011), an inventory contemplated in the Cultural Heritage Law of Navarre. He has also participated in other projects for the cataloguing of movable heritage, such as the catalogue of movable assets of Pamplona Cathedral (Fundación para la Conservación del Patrimonio Histórico de Navarra, 2009) and the catalogue of movable assets of the convent of Capuchinas de Tudela (Chair de Patrimonio y Arte Navarro, 2011).

With regard to documentary heritage, she collaborated in the digitisation, computerisation and cataloguing of file staff of Don Juan de Palafox y Mendoza (1600 - 1659), project financed and promoted in two campaigns by El Corte Inglés (2009 / 2011). He also completed a Postgraduate course in Archivistics, organised by the Carlos de Amberes Foundation in Madrid (2009 - 2010).

As far as management of heritage is concerned, she successfully completed a specialist program in management Cultural, organised by the Public University of Navarra (2011 - 2012). Currently, in addition to her research work at Chair, she continues her work professor in the extra-university field.