Dr. Ignacio Miguéliz Valcarlos

graduate in Geography and History from the Autonomous University of Madrid (1996) and doctorate in Philosophy and Letters from the University of Navarra (2004) with the doctoral thesis El Arte de la platería en Guipúzcoa. XV-XVIII centuries. He has completed the specialized course in Museology at the San Pablo-CEU University of Madrid (1997) and the postgraduate course management, Preservation and Dissemination of Photographic Archives at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2014). She has obtained accreditations as Associate Professor (2013) and Senior Associate Professor (2015) by the National Agency for Assessment of Quality and Accreditation. Currently, and since 2006, he develops his professional work as Curator of the Museo Universidad de Navarra, being manager of its department of Collection and Exhibitions. Since 2009 he has been a professor of Art History at the associated center of the UNED in Pamplona, where he teaches the subjects History of Contemporary Art: 19th Century, History of Contemporary Art: 20th Century, Latest Trends in Art, The Discourses of Contemporary Art and Iconography and Mythology. She is also Adjunct Professor of the department of History, Art History and Geography at the University of Navarra, where she taught the subject Images and Culture (2012-2015) and is Deputy Director of the Chair of Heritage and Navarrese Art of that university.

His priority lines of research have focused on the areas that have marked his career: silverware and jewellery, conservation and cataloguing of heritage, photography and contemporary art. In this regard, she has curated exhibitions held at the Mencos Foundation in Tafalla, Fotografía en Navarra: La colección del Marqués de la Real Defensa (2012), Autores navarros en la colección de fotografía del Marqués de la Real Defensa (2013), and at the Museo Universidad de Navarra, Lynne Cohen. Almas gemelas ( 2016), Nuevas lecturas a la colección. Invited piece at the Tàpies Foundation (2016), Fernando Maselli. Infinito Artificial ( 2017), New readings of the collection. Gris vacío by Rafael Ruiz Balerdi ( 2017), Génesis de la abstracción en lo murales de Jorge Oteiza (2018) and En torno a María Josefa Huarte. Museo Museo de Navarra Collection ( 2021). He has been a member of the team that drew up the database e Imágenes del Catálogo Monumental de Navarra ( 2001-2005), the Catálogo de Bienes Muebles del Patrimonio Cultural de Navarra (2006-2010), and the Plan Director de la Catedral de Pamplona. Catalogue of Movable Property (2009), sponsored by the Government of Navarre, as well as the Catalogue of Movable Property of the convents of Capuchinas de Tudela (2010), Clarisas de Estella (2012), Carmelitas de Lizaso (2013) and Dominicas de Tudela (2013), subsidised by the Chair de Patrimonio y Arte Navarro, and of the pilot project Inventory and assessment of Movable Property of Gipuzkoa (2015), sponsored by the Basque Government.

He is the author of the books Zilargintza Gipuzkoan. XV-XVIII mendeak. The Art of Silversmithing in Gipuzkoa. Siglos XV-XVIII (2008), Fotografía navarra. La colección del marqués de la Real Defensa (2014), Una mirada íntima al día a día a día del pretendiente carlista. Letters from Don Alfonso de Borbón to the Marquis of Vessolla (2016), Jewellery in Navarre. 1550-1900 (2018), and Plata y plateros en Gipuzkoa en el siglo XIX (Silver and silversmiths in Gipuzkoa in the 19th century ) (2021). He has also written numerous chapters in books and articles in specialised journals, and has contributed to the catalogues of various exhibitions, and participated as speaker in congresses and conferences on photography, decorative arts and heritage.


Ignacio Miguéliz