Dr. Ignacio J. Urricelqui Pacho

graduate in Humanities by the University of Navarra (1999), obtained in 2006 the degree scroll of doctor in Philosophy and Letters with the doctoral thesis Artistic environment and pictorial activity in Navarra in the period between centuries (1873-1940), that was deserving of the award Extraordinary of doctorate in the Section of History. He has been professor teaching assistant of the department of Art of the University of Navarra (2000-2006), and technical secretary of the Chair of Heritage and Navarrese Art. Currently, he is Senior Museum Technician at the Museo del Carlismo, a cultural infrastructure of the Government of Navarra.

He is the author of several books on contemporary art in Navarre, including La pintura y el ambiente artístico en Navarra (1873-1940) ( Pamplona, Government of Navarre, 2009), as well as the monograph dedicated to the painter Inocencio García Asarta (Pamplona, 2002). He has also published the works Palacio Real de Olite 1869. Los textos, dibujos y planos de Juan Iturralde y Suit y Aniceto Lagarde que evitaron su demolición (Pamplona, Gobierno de Navarra, 2006) and Recuerdos de una guerra civil. Álbum del bloqueo de Pamplona (Pamplona, Government of Navarra, 2007). He is the author, together with Javier Azanza López, of the book El cartel de la Feria del Toro de Pamplona 1956-2006. Arte, design y tauromaquia (Pamplona, Casa de Misericordia, 2006), and together with José Luis Molins Mugueta, of the work Artistas en homenaje a Sarasate. Álbum de Roma 1882 ( Pamplona, City Hall, 2009). He is also co-author of the books Carlos Ciriza (Murcia, 2000) and guide de escultura urbana en Pamplona (Pamplona, Ayuntamiento, 2009). research He has published several articles on contemporary art in the magazines file Español de Arte, bulletin de Arte, Príncipe de Viana and Ondare.

He has participated in collective works published by the Fundación Lázaro Galdeano, the Chair de Patrimonio y Arte Navarro, the Sociedad de programs of study Históricos de Navarra, the Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao, the Museo de Navarra, and the Ayuntamiento de Pamplona. He has attended as speaker to several congresses and conference on contemporary art, heritage and image, and has also given lectures in cycles organized by various cultural entities. She has curated several temporary exhibitions dedicated to contemporary Navarrese artists.

Currently, his research focuses on the image and identity of Carlism, which have an advance in the work graduate "Ante Dios nunca serás héroe anónimo": imagen e ideología en torno a la muerte del Boina Roja en la Guerra Civil (1936-1939)", published in the conference proceedings del III Simposi d'Història del Carlisme (Centre d'Estudis d'Avià, 2015).