Dr. José Luis Requena Bravo de Laguna

graduate in History from the University of Navarra (1998), studied the diploma program of programs of study Artistic at the same university, and in 2000 made programs of study postgraduate in Fine & Decorative Arts, at Christie's Education, London. In 2012 he obtained the Degree of Doctor in the specialization program of History of Art with the thesis Princeps Monachorum: Art and Iconography of St. John the Baptist in the centuries of the Hispanic Baroque, under the direction of Prof. Ricardo Fernández Gracia, and with the financial aid of a scholarship PIF granted by the association of Friends of the University of Navarra.

From 1999 to 2004 he has held various professional positions related to the world of auctions and art collecting. She has been part of the painting cataloguing team at La Habana auction house in Madrid (1999-2001), Director of department of antique and 19th century paintings at Segre auctions in Madrid (2001-2003) and assistant director at Caylus Anticuario in Madrid (2003-2004).

She has been scholarship recipient of research of the Vicerrectorado de Patrimonio, Infraestructura y Equipamiento of the University of Granada (2004-2008), developing several works related to the study of the movable and immovable heritage of this university institution, among which stands out the publication of the book, El Patrimonio Mueble de la Universidad de Granada ( 2008).

His lines of research focus on iconography and European baroque painting. Likewise, he has several articles dedicated to Andalusian Baroque painting, mainly from Seville and Granada, such as "Un San Juan Bautista firmado por Juan Simón Gutiérrez", file Español de Arte (2003); "De Pictura poesis a Est Iesus: The iconographic vicissitudes of an unpublished Valdés Leal", file Español de Arte (2004); "A new Inmaculada by Cornelis Schut", laboratory de Arte (2005); "A Saint Teresa, signed and dated by José Risueño", Cuadernos de Arte de la Universidad de Granada ( 2006); "New contributions to Alonso Cano's Juno: Its provenance and reinterpretation in the work of Juan Antonio de Frías y Escalante",Espacio, Tiempo y Forma. Series VII. Art History. UNED ( 2005-2006); "Nuevas fuentes grabadas en la obra de Juan de Sevilla y Alonso Cano", Revista Atrio (2011). He also has another work published in the magazine Goya, "Sobre dos dibujos inéditos de la planta de la Catedral de Granada" (2006) and Paragone Arte, "Una morte di Lucrezia di Paolo Domenico Finoglia" (2011).

He has participated in several exhibitions, writing catalographic cards, among which are: Spanish still lifes from the 17th to the 19th centuries (Caylus, Madrid-Rafael Valls, London, 2003-2004), Masterpieces of the heritage of the University of Granada (Royal Hospital, Granada, 2006-2007), Antiques and Excellencies (Museum of Fine Arts of Seville, 2007-2008), From the Ebro to Iberia (Camón Aznar Museum, Zaragoza, 2008) and The young Murillo (Museum of Fine Arts of Seville, Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao, 2009-2010).

He is part of the project R & D of the Ministry: "The art of Granada in the Modern Age in the European context: sources, influences, production and patronage" (HAR 2009-12798). He is a regular contributor to Ars magazine partner . Revista de Arte y coleccionismo.

She is currently Adjunct Professor of the Master of Art Market at the Antonio de Nebrija University in Madrid. She is also a member researcher of the project of research of the UNED (2015-2017): "Catalog of Foreign Prints of the Lázaro Galdiano Foundation" (IP: Amaya Alzaga Ruiz).