Dr. María Josefa Tarifa Castilla

With a degree in Geography and History from the University of Navarra, she obtained the award Extraordinary End of degree program of the History Section (1997) and the Third National award End of degree program awarded by the Ministry of Education and Culture (1998). In 2003 she obtained her doctorate in the History of Art specialization program with the thesis La arquitectura religiosa del siglo XVI en la Merindad de Tudela (Navarra), which was awarded the award Extraordinario de doctorate, and was published in 2005 by the Government of Navarra. She is currently a lecturer at the department of Art History at the University of Zaragoza, member of the high school of Heritage and Humanities of the University of Zaragoza, lecturer tutor of the Centro Asociado de la UNED of Pamplona and lecturer at the Chair of Heritage and Navarrese Art of the University of Navarra.

His main lines of research are 16th century architecture, patronage of the arts in the centuries of the Modern Age, architectural treatises, architectural designs, Jesuit architecture and the artistic heritage of Navarre, areas on which he has written several monographs and numerous scientific publications.

She has participated in different projects research and development of the Ministry dedicated to the Renaissance art of Granada, the designs of Jesuit architecture of the Modern Age and the traces of Gothic tradition in the Iberian Peninsula (15th-18th centuries). She has been a guest lecturer at teaching in Latin American universities, such as the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez in Santiago de Chile and the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla de los Ángeles (Mexico).