Dr. Ricardo Fernández Gracia

He is Senior Associate Professor of History of Art at the University of Navarra and corresponding academic of the Royal Academy of History. He has been director of the department of Art and, since 2009, director of the Chair of Heritage and Navarrese Art of the aforementioned University. Between 1999 and 2015 he belonged to the committee Navarro de Cultura and in 2015 he was part of the National Commission of the V Centenary of the Birth of Santa Teresa. His research focuses, fundamentally, on three areas: iconography, promotion of the arts and historical-artistic heritage of Navarre. In 2015 he was named "Distinguished Citizen of the City of Puebla" and received the Clavis Palafoxianum, with which the Government of the State of Puebla (Mexico) recognizes people who contribute to the cultural, artistic and academic development of Puebla or Mexico. He is a founding member of the Ateneo de Navarra, was a member of the board of trustees of the Foundation for the Conservation of the Historical Heritage of Navarra (2008-2013) and is a member of the committee of the Library Services Palafoxiana.

He is the author of thirty-seven monographs on the Baroque altarpiece in Navarre, the arts surrounding Mother Agreda, the iconography of the Immaculate Conception, historic nativity scenes, notable collections of engravings, Navarrese devotional prints, or San Francisco Javier, as well as numerous programs of studyin magazines, collective works and conference proceedingsof congresses.

He has directed eight doctoral thesis and several projects for researchand is the author of hundreds of press articles on cultural heritage. As speakerand lecturer he has been invited by the high schoolCervantes in Rome, the Museo del Prado and various Spanish, Italian and Mexican universities and institutions.

He has curated eight exhibitions, including El virrey Palafox (Vicente Berdusán (Museo de Navarra), María Jesús de Ágreda. El poder de la imagen (Concepcionistas de Ágreda), Juan de Goyeneche y el triunfo de los navarros en la Monarquía Hispánica del siglo XVIII (Real Academia de San Fernando), San Francisco Javier en las artes (Castillo de Javier), Belenes históricos en Navarra and San Saturnino en el IV Centenario del voto de la ciudad de Pamplona (Ayuntamiento de Pamplona).


Ricardo Fernández Gracia