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30 August 2012

The photographic collections at fileMunicipal de Pamplona
Ms. Ana D. Hueso Pérez. fileMunicipal Council of Pamplona

The fileFotográfico de la Ciudad or Fototeca is the section of the fileMunicipal de Pamplona dedicated to the collection, installation, organisation, description, assessmentand selection, access and dissemination of the photographic collection produced by Pamplona City Council as a result of its activity management assistantduring the exercise of its functions and within its sphere of competence, on the one hand, as well as other non-municipal photographic collections and holdings, which have been brought into the municipal institution in various ways -purchase, bequest, transfer or deposit- as they are considered to be of interest for the contemporary history of Pamplona, as a result of a policy of recovering Pamplona's documentary heritage and for the history of photographic technique and its authors, in an attempt to place local photographic production in its rightful place within the universal history of photography.

Stereoscopic view of the Caparroso Mill. Ca. 1870

Stereoscopic view of the Caparroso Mill. Ca. 1870
Wet collodion negative on glass plate.
filePamplona Municipal Archives (AMP): Municipal Fund: City Hall Sub-Fund


The documents that comprise it are characterised by containing still images captured directly from reality through a camera obscura and by having been obtained through photographic, photomechanical or digital procedures, in a chronological period from ca.1850 to the present day, and are therefore considered Documentary Heritage of the City.

Delivery of milk in the Calle Mayor on a snowy day. Jesús martínez Gorráiz. Ca1945

Delivery of milk in the Calle Mayor on a snowy day. Jesús martínez Gorráiz. Ca1945
Copy on paper . Chemically developed gelatine
filePamplona Municipal Archives (AMP) Municipal Fund: City Hall Sub-Fund

Male portrait. Ferrotype. ca 1855 

Male portrait. Ferrotype. ca 1855
fileMunicipal de Pamplona (AMP). Ascunce Collection


Having determined the characteristics of the images that make up the photographic file, the methodological study of the documentary groups of which they form part -funds or collections-, applying the basic archival principle of respect for the origin according to their producer, a theoretical foundation that governs the organisation of any documentary fund or collection, has led to resultthe correct identification and delimitation of the following:
Pamplona City Council sub-fonds

Pablo Sarasate Collection
Collection of the amateur photographer Aquilino García Deán
Ángel Ascunce Collection
Collection of José Joaquín Arazuri
Martín Sarobe Collection
Collection of postcards of Pamplona by Javier Soria
Collection of works by Pamplona photographers by Javier Soria

Collection of the illustrated magazine "La Avalancha".
Collection of the professional photographer F. Galle
Collection of the professional photographers Zubieta and Retegui

Collection of postcards of the running of the bulls in Pamplona from the Rdgz. family. Juguera
Bengoa Ochoa Family Collection
Veramendi - Rípodas Family Collection
Collection of the Martínez Ponce Family

Collection of negatives on glass plate
Collection of stereoscopic views on glass plate
Collection of positives on paper
Collection of postcards
Slide Collection
Collection of Albums

Portrait of Pablo Sarasate. Ambrotype. Ca1865

Portrait of Pablo Sarasate. Ambrotype. Ca1865
fileMunicipal de Pamplona (AMP).Pablo Sarasate Collection



Tuesday, 28 August 2012
Photography in Navarre
D. Carlos Cánovas. Photographer

The University of Navarra Photographic Fund: A museum dedicated to the conservation and research of photographic heritage in Spain.
Ms. Asuncion Domeño Martínez de Morentin. University of Navarra Photographic Collection

Wednesday, 29 August 2012
Pioneers of tourist photography in Navarre: Santa María del Villar and the Count of La Ventosa
Mr. Jorge Latorre. Chair of Heritage and Art of Navarre

Artistic photography in the Museum of Navarre: history, content and the work of diffusion
D. Francisco Javier Zubiaur Carreño. Museum of Navarre

Photography in private collections
D. Ignacio Miguéliz Valcarlos. University of Navarra Photographic Collection

Thursday, 30 August 2012
Photographic documentation at the file Real y General de Navarra (Royal and General Archive of Navarre)
D. Félix Segura Urra. file Royal and General of Navarre

The photographic collections at the file Municipal of Pamplona
Ms. Ana D. Hueso Pérez. file Municipal Council of Pamplona