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"Causal finitism: a hypothesis with implications for science, reason and faith."

The speaker, Enric F. Gel studied Philosophy at the University of Navarra. He is currently about to receive his doctorate from the University of Barcelona with a thesis on the metaphysical foundation of Aristotelian-Thomistic ethics. His latest publications include: "How many and why? A question for Graham Oppy that classical theism can answer", in Religious Studies and "The existence of God: the Thomistic argument of the De Ente with causal finitism as reinforcement", in the journal Espíritu. Since 2016, he disseminates the Philosophy on Youtube with his channel "Addicted to the Philosophy", which today has almost half a million subscribers.

summary from speaker: The Kalam cosmological argument, which claims to arrive at the existence of God from the beginning of the universe, is probably one of the most discussed theistic arguments at the academic level in the last 50 years. Recently, a new argumentative strategy in its support has been gaining attention in the literature: that of causal finitism. Causal finitism is the thesis that nothing can be preceded by an infinite issue of causes. In this talk, we will expose the main lines of reasoning for and against this hypothesis, exploring its implications for science, reason and faith.



June 1, 2023




classroom 30 of the Central Building

City Pamplona
Organized by group science, reason and faith
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