Aplicaciones anidadas


What is it?

It consists of carrying out a project of research and development at the request of an entity . The project is carried out on the basis of objectives to be achieved with a work plan, specific economic conditions and a defined team of researchers.


This subject of collaboration allows the obtaining of a new result , based on a research work made to measure for the entity.

The contract sets out, among other things, the objectives, work plan and deadlines for submission.

From the outset, the ownership and exploitation of research results is regulated.

How to proceed

The business website contact contacts the Research Management Service and expresses its request. The service selects the team of expert researchers in that area, so that together (entity and researchers) they can define the report of the project to be developed.

The Research Management Service sends a draft contract defining the conditions for the development of the stipulated project and the budget of the contract.

After reaching an agreement between the parties on the drafting of the contract agreement , the contract signature and the start of the defined activities.

The Research Management Service is responsible for issuing invoices to the corresponding entity within the deadlines and amounts stipulated in the contract.