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Frequently asked questions on project management

Aplicaciones anidadas



Contact contact with your manager staff at management research . If you have not been assigned one, you can write an email to proyectos_id@unav.es to request one. This manager will tell you what steps you need to take to get your project started.

Basically, the text of the call for proposals, the resolution final and the application submitted to the granting body financial aid are needed.

An economic unit is an 8-digit code that identifies its subsidy and serves for the internal management only of the research at the University of Navarra.

The business entities are opened by the economic manager of each project in the IMS. He/she will open each economic unit when he/she has the complete information necessary for its start-up.


In order to incur expenditure, you must have an assigned business entity to which you must be given access. In addition, you must have access to Portal Purchasing and to the request system of expense PoGE.

The manager staff is a person belonging to the department of management of of National Projects of the Service of management of research who is in charge of the management management assistant and economic of the grants related to the research activity of a researcher.

The money granted in each subsidy has to be spent on the items for which it has been requested. This does not mean that changes cannot be made to the initial planned budget but always under the supervision of the IMS financial manager.


The researcher manager of the subsidy must apply for via email the authorisation to this person indicating name, two surnames and issue of the economic unit for which authorisation is requested.

It depends on the call but in general, it is the obligation of the beneficiary of the financial aid to indicate in each publication the financial aid received. In addition, permission from the funding body may be required to publish results.


It is a meeting that is held between the researcher manager of the subsidy and its manager staff in the Service of management of research. In it, the conditions for granting the subsidy that will determine the development of the project are recalled and, above all, the economic needs of the project are raised, assessing the need for changes and the best way to ensure that they are covered by the budget granted. This is not an obligatory meeting but it is advisable for the smooth running of the project.


In general, the owner of the results of the project is the beneficiary of the financial aid received, however, there are cases in which the funding body agrees on the signature of a agreement, the shared ownership of the results or even the exclusive ownership or right to exploit them. Further information. If you have any queries in relation to intellectual and industrial property, please contact contact with the Intellectual and Industrial Propertydepartment .



The accounts to which each researcher has access are visible from the Economic Information programme. In any case, the personal managers are at the disposal of researchers to resolve any queries in this respect.

Yes, through the portal PoGE you can apply for an advance to cover expenses related to subsistence and transport.

No, there is no formal obligation to contract travel through VCI, but it is highly recommended. If you find travel offers that are cheaper than those offered by this travel agency, please contact contact so that Viajes El Corte Inglés can be correctly notified of this circumstance. In any case, travel invoices must always be addressed to the beneficiary of the financial aid (University of Navarra).

Yes, depending on the funding body, there are limits to the expenses that can be charged to certain projects. In cases where these are not formally established, the budgetary austerity recommendations of the University of Navarra must be followed.

Any change to be made to the budget with respect to the original must be consulted with the IMS financial manager. The latter will assess the advisability of informing the funding body and whether or not to advance the costs corresponding to a possible confirmation of such a change.

The registration or termination of team members researcher must be processed through the IMS managers who will tell the PI what to do and how to do it, helping him/her to submit the necessary documentation. For further information, please contact

In principle no. In some cases the funding bodies admit certain variations in the initially foreseen expenditure but this should always be checked with the managers in the IMS before making any unforeseen expense .

The first obligation is the public offer of the vacancy on this place. It is also necessary to contact contact with the University of Navarra or CUN's Personnel Management Service Service in order to carry out the recruitment process, complying with all the labour requirements required by law. The salary limits established by category by both the funding body and the university itself must also be complied with. To make an offer on the website for such recruitment, you can contact contact with your manager staff in the SGI or write to proyectos_id@unav.es. You can also consult the offers published by the University of Navarra.

If the equipment exceeds €18,000, three offers from different suppliers must be available and, if the one that is not the cheapest is chosen, this must be justified in writing. If there is only one provider for the required equipment, it is also necessary for the PI to prepare a written explanation of this circumstance.

Some calls indicate the maximum percentages of budget that can be spent on subcontracting but others do not. In addition, the same rules apply as for the purchase of equipment. See question on equipment.

Most calls for proposals include among their conditions to publicise the financial aid received and indicate how. The PI should take this obligation into account each time he/she submits a article for publication.

The items into which budgets are divided in the applications for each call do not generally coincide with the items shown in Economic Information. The equivalence is not always straightforward and can create difficulties in interpreting the information displayed in the application. You can consult an example at guide of researcher or ask for information to your manager staff.

From 1 January 2012 the University will justify all expenses related to research projects without VAT, for this reason, the expense seen in BI will be many times lower than the real one.

Indirect costs are a budget item included in some calls for proposals and cover costs that cannot be directly attributed to project through a invoice. These would generally include the costs of electricity, water, maintenance of equipment, etc.

These are the costs arising directly from the realisation of project of research without taking into account the costs of staff itself.

These are the total costs of project including the costs of staff itself dedicated to project.

As a general rule, rule , whenever you receive or even apply for funding from a funding agency other than the one that provided the funding, you should inform the latter. In the event that both sources of funding do not exceed the total cost of the project, there should not be any problems. In other cases, the call itself prevents the possibility of receiving funding from another organisation by establishing a system of incompatibilities.

It depends on the call. In some cases it is not possible as it is considered an indirect expense .

In general, no, but if in doubt, please consult your manager staff at the IMS.

It depends on the call. If a project lasts more than one year, it is generally possible to carry over carryovers from one year to the next, but it cannot be applied to all projects. For example, this is not the case for PESs or INNPACTOs, so in case of doubt, please consult your manager staff in the IMS.

No, it is not essential to submit all the receipts. The main researcher together with its manager staff in the SGI must assess the convenience of justifying the expenses with tickets or with per diems depending on the level of expense of project and the subject of justification. In any case, even if it is decided to justify these expenses with per diems, at least several tickets justifying the stay must be collected.

Attendance at congresses is supported by receipts from registration and the corresponding certificate at attendance.

You can make your purchases of consumables through Portal de Compras.




The economic justification is prepared by the economic manager in the IMS.

The invoices that can be admitted to justify a expense in an official project must be in the name of the University of Navarra, must have a date of issue included in the period of execution of the project and must also have been paid in this period or in the period of justification of the same (it must be UNAV, dated and paid).

It depends on the call under which C is available at project but in general it is not possible to justify them because they are considered as indirect costs.

It depends on the call for proposals. In general, a list of the expenses incurred is submitted together with copies of invoices, payment documents, payslips, TC2, time-sheets, etc.

Trips and stays in cities other than the own city of the researchers belonging to the team are justified either with a certificate of the centre where the stay takes place (in the case of stays), with the certificates of attendance to congresses, seminars, etc. or with meal tickets to justify other travel subject .


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