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A exhibition of the School of Philosophy and Letters explores the relationship between the content and the materiality of books.

Tomorrow, February 1, will be inaugurated at bookshop Iruña Re-Read in Pamplona.


Can the format or materiality of a book influence the experience of the reader? This question has been worked on and explored by the students of the subject "Formas y soportes de la escritura creativa" (Forms and supports of creative writing), of the Degree in language and Spanish Literatureand elective subject for students of Literature and Creative Writing (LEC) and Philology Hispánica.

From one of the texts they have elaborated in class, they have had to create a material support according to its content, investigating the relationship between content and container and the communicative possibilities of the book in its materiality. Concepción Martínez Pasamar, professor at subject, explains that "the materiality of the book is indispensable, since it is also accessed sensorially, as well as determining the creation and reading experience".

A learning that Ana Lucía Córdoba, 2nd year of language and Spanish Literature, has acquired: "A book conveys its message from what is written, but also from all its visual elements. With this work I have learned to look at and create meaning in the apparently casual details of books: the folds, the size of the pages, the color of the letters, the binding, the images...".

Together with his partner Jordi García Soldano, he analyzed stories and legends from different peoples and places to try to find in them a common vision of life, motherhood or death: from the Guarani in Argentina, the Buddhists in Tibet, or the Muiscas in Colombia, to the ancient Greco-Latin, the Judeo-Christian tradition, or Latin American folklore. "From these texts we wrote a poetry book of 10 mythological themed pieces with which we try to highlight that, regardless of distance or time, people are much more alike than we think," explains Jon.

Miren Estruch Santamaría, 3rd year of Degree in Literature and Creative Writing (LEC), made her work with her classmate Ana Patricia García Pastrana. In their project, they explored the concepts of anxiety and calm, trying to find a suitable support to convey both emotions. "Normally, when undertaking a literary creation work , the first thing to do is to think about the content, taking for granted that the form will be the classic and traditional one. After this experience, I feel that I have gained a broader perspective on how to deal with a new project and all the facets that can be explored."

The results of the work have been exhibited at sample degree scroll "Anatomías del libro"(Anatomies of the book). After being presented at Central Building, today Thursday, February 1, at 8 p.m., it will be inaugurated at bookshop Iruña Re-Read (Calle Zapatería, Pamplona), where it can be visited until the end of the month.