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Graduation of the III promotion of Master's Degree in design Galenic and Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical Industry.


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30/09/20 13:42 Miguel Ángel Echávarri

The 8 students that make up the III promotion (2018-2020) of the Master's Degree in design Galenic and Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical Industry (MDGFI) of the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition celebrated last September 25 the graduation ceremony with which the academic program ends, and after a year of internships in companies of the sector. Given the health crisis, some students participated in the event telematically.

After some brief words of welcome by María Isabel Calvo, director of Master's Degree, the lecture a position by Dámaso Molero, general manager of 3P Biopharmaceuticals, entitled"Can the COVID pandemic be an opportunity for the biotech pharmaceutical industry? Will I be able to work or will I go out of work?

"It is very important that in our activity in the world of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, advanced therapies and new drugs, we think about the professional enrichment we are achieving every day, not about whether the molecule we are going to work on is going to reach the market and generate certain sales. Because, even if a project fails in our sector, every professional is enriched," said Molero. "Therefore, don't rule out working in small companies, different from the big companies, because there you can have a professional enrichment of great value for you".

Regarding the uncertain times caused by the coronavirus, Dámaso Molero stressed the importance of training: "We have always had uncertainty; think of the times when there was no Internet, we did not have the sources of information we have now, there was not much industry in Navarra... Nothing happens, we have always lived through times of uncertainty, but well-trained professionals like you will not have any problem, neither now nor in the future".

Elena Rizkallal, delegate of the graduating class, expressed her gratitude for the support that the students have received from the professors, both academically and at staff. "This Master's Degree has opened the doors to a completely new professional future for us. Thanks to it we have been able to carry out internships in renowned companies that have given us the push we were missing to the world of the pharmaceutical industry."