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The family at framework of the United Nations

Master in Marriage and Family Webinar

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14 | 12 | 2021

More than 25 years after the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 1994 the International Year of the Family, what assessment can we make of the protection of the family at the international level? Are we facing a process of protection or a process of lack of protection?

To discuss this issue, last November 30 a Master Class was held at the UN on. "The family on the UN's framework ". The lecture, organized by the Master in Marriage and FamilyThe Master Class was given by Prof. José Justo Megías Quirós, Full Professor of Philosophy del Derecho of the University of Cádiz.

After a brief introduction by Professor Escrivá, director of Master's Degree, speaker made a very precise analysis of the balance of the protection of the family in the United Nations, the obstacles that prevent adequate international protection and the causes of the delay in international legal protection.

The session was followed, online, by the students of Master's Degree, as a complement to the subject course "Human Rights and Family Rights". It was also open to the graduates of Master's Degree and to all members of the University Community. 

Finally, this Master Class was sponsored by the International Commission on the Rights of the Family, an institution that aims to promote discussion on these issues related to the effective international protection of the rights of the family.