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The XVII graduating class of the Master's Degree European University of Food, Nutrition and Metabolism graduates.

lecture The closing position was given by Aurora Pérez Cornago, senior nutritional epidemiologist at the University of Oxford and graduate of the program.

14 | 09 | 2022

The School of Pharmacy and Nutrition celebrated last September 8 the graduation ceremony of the XVII promotion of the Master's Degree European University in Food, Nutrition and Metabolism (EMENU) with which 14 students finished their training at the University.

After a welcome to position from Professor Diana Ansorenaprogram director, took place at lecture "per diem expensesobesity and cancer" to position from Aurora Pérez Cornagosenior nutritional epidemiologist of the Oxford University. This former student of Degree and doctorate, as well as a graduate of EMENU, currently focuses her research in understanding how per diem expenses and obesity affect the development and progression of aggressive prostate cancerintegrating information from large instructions of data based on biomarkers, body composition and Genetics. 

Thus, Pérez Cornago began his speech by analyzing the incidence of cancer in the world and the main risk factors: tobacco as the leading cause of cancer in the United Kingdom and obesity as the second factor. "To these must be added alcohol, UV radiation, per diem expenses, low fiber intake, consumption of red meat and processed meat and low physical activity as other risk factors that increase the incidence of suffering from some form of cancer subject ," he explained.

He also focused on the effects of red meat and processed meat consumption as probable causes of cancer and detailed the health effects of plant-based diets such as vegan or vegetarian diets: "We have found that people who adhere to this diet subject have a higher risk of fractures and nutritional deficits, but, in turn, have a lower risk of cancer by eating more vegetables and fiber, and less red and processed meat," he concluded.

Once the submission of diplomas was finished, the Dean of the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition, María Javier Ramírez, closed the event.