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The Carmen Cortés Company closes the MUN's stage season with ¡Gira, corazón! a flamenco show based on the figure of Lorca.

La proposal, with more than a dozen dancers and dancers, and eight live musicians, can be enjoyed on May 6 at 19:30 pm at the Teatro

FotoCompañíaCarmen Cortés/Carmen Cortés in the show ¡Gira, corazón!

Carmen Cortés returns with her company to the Museo Universidad de Navarra on May 6, at 7:30 p.m., to present Turn, my heart! Dancing with Lorca in the Silver Age. The show, with flamenco roots and new languages, brings to the stage more than a dozen dancers and dancers, and eight live musicians, to approach the soul and words of Federico García Lorca through dance. The stage direction is by José Ramón Fernández and Carmen Cortés and the musical direction is by Gerardo Núñez. Tickets are 30 and 32 euros.

La proposal, explains Carmen Cortés, arose during the pandemic, a time when she found "a lot of time to think and create. I saw the need to bring to the stage, on behalf of the flamencos, the greatness and nobility of Lorca, as well as that of his comadre La Argentinita and his compadre Ignacio Sánchez Mejías, lovers of good flamenco, born of the land, and of culture".

Thus, in this proposal there is an intense dialogue between the language of dance and Lorca's universe: "Dance is a limitless expression of the soul's breathing. Everything we read or study passes through our interior creating joy, uncertainty, sadness. All emotions can be transmitted through dance".


The artist, who has explored the work and figure of the poet from Granada in previous works, emphasizes that he was a person who "knew the human being well and grants us the honor of knowing ourselves through him. Lorca is avant-garde, modern, and time does not pass in his statements and poems. He is totally up to date".

In this sense, he recalls the words of José Ramón Fernández, manager together with Cortés of the dramaturgy and stage direction of this show, to highlight the multifaceted nature of his figure: "There is a popular Lorca and an impossible Lorca, but they are the same. There is a Lorca with gypsy roots and a Lorca from New York, but they are the same. There is a Lorca who was the joy of any place he entered, the laughter, the music; and there is a tragic Lorca, transited of a dark melancholy, of a mortal wound. But they are the same",

For this show, he says that they have rescued the flamenco dance and the songs and guitar playing that La Argentinita and Carmen Amaya used to represent. "It has been a 'hard' but satisfying work . In these rushed times, looking back has rejuvenated us, especially in the enjoyment of art". Thus, he faces his return to the MUN "with great enthusiasm": "Both José Manuel Garrido and Teresa Lasheras have always made me feel at home. The Museum has always supported this project with its trust".