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The students of the Master's Degree in programs of study of Curatorship of the MUN put themselves in the skin of the artist by the hand of Daniel Canogar.

The theoretical-practical workshop, given in four sessions conference, allowed them to see the profession from the point of view of creation and to devise their own artistic proposals.

FotoManuelCastells/Artist Daniel Canogar with the students of Master's Degree at programs of study Curatorship who present one of their artistic proposals at the workshop.

30 | 03 | 2023

The students of Master's Degree in programs of study of Curatorship of the Museo Universidad de Navarra had the opportunity to work from the perspective of the creator thanks to the workshop given by the artist Daniel Canogar from April 21 to 24.

As Canogar explains, the goal of the proposal, which closes the subject The curator and the artist, is that the students "put themselves in the artist's shoes, that they see their profession from the point of view of creation. I think there is a tendency to excessively separate curators from artists, when, in my experience, it is a much more dynamic and fluid relationship. Many times curators can be as much artists as the artists themselves, and we artists also have to be a little bit curators of our work". In this sense, he values that this proposal "generates an interesting dialogue with the students, who have to create works of art during the workshop, collective projects that we then analyze".

This being the fourth year that he has taught the workshop, he says that the methodology he follows is not invariable and rigid, but has been changing for 25 years: "I propose a critical spirit so as not to see the work as an end point but as a mediation to talk about many issues".

To activate the creative seed that he believes every student at postgraduate program carries inside, each day a different topic was proposed: "We worked on ruin, allegory, algorithmic reality... Since topic artificial intelligence is very present right now, I was interested in knowing how they processed it".

For the student Pilar Romero, a 45 year old Galician architect, "the workshop has been another window of inspiration and motivation entrance within this Master's Degree. It has been very enriching to know first hand Daniel's experience and to count on his financial aid and empathy, and the exercises he has proposed to us have been a real challenge since most of us are not artists, but we have put in internship our creativity from the first day and it has given rise to very original and interesting interventions".

Fellow artist Jaydee Raquel Rodríguez, a 24-year-old Puerto Rican with a degree in Fine Arts, describes the experience as "cathartic": "It was a gradual process in crescendo, which led us to put ourselves in the shoes of the artist and, through the adoption of this position, allowed us to work on our emotions, thoughts and ideas. We delved into a new level of creativity, which helped us and will help us in the future in our steps as curators in process. I take the permission to speak in plural since, in the conversations with the colleagues of Master's Degree, which arose after the workshop, we pointed out the same feeling. We agreed that it was an enriching and, above all, healing process where each one of us faced our fears".    

Each course, the workshop ends with a presentation of group projects, of which Canogar highlights the "miracle" that is to see how in such a short time such deep artistic projects come out: "Sometimes I see things in these workshops more interesting than in museums. For me this is very gratifying and interesting, and I learn a lot.