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José María García-Mina, appointed President of the International Society for Humic Substances

The University of Navarra's Full Professor will lead this institution made up of 900 experts from 34 countries.

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José María García-Mina
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
04/11/20 09:00 Enrique Cobos

José María García-Mina Freire, Full Professor of Chemistry Agricultural and Soil Science at the University of Navarra, has been appointed president of the InternationalHumic Substances Society ( IHSS).

The IHSS - founded in Denver (Colorado, USA) in 1981 - currently has 900 researchers from 34 countries and has as goal "promote the knowledge and research scientific excellence of the natural organic subject and, specifically, of a family of molecules belonging to humus called humic substances," says García-Mina. In addition, from this institution it is intended "the knowledge dissemination of this knowledge as well as its application internship in sustainable agriculture and industry," he adds.

For García-Mina, work in the coming years should be aimed at "promoting research on methods of extraction, isolation and structural elucidation of humic substances". The researcher points out other future challenges such as industrial applications in new materials and agriculture, and the decontamination of ecosystems.

This new appointment is a result of an online vote by all IHSS members and is valid for two years. "It is an honor and also a recognition for all the people in my team who work side by side on this research", he concludes.

research on soil and crop yield improvement

The Full Professor José María García-Mina directs a group of research at the University of Navarra (group BACh) which, among other topics, studies the structure Chemistry and biological activity of humic substances, as well as their potential to improve soil quality and crop yields. All this in the context of sustainable agriculture.

In this research also collaborate with the group Roullier-Timac Agro for the development of fertilizers within the framework of an environmentally friendly agriculture. In addition, the professor is actively involved with other national and international research groups.