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Javier Raventós, winner of the I contest for students #CelebratingJournalism.

María José Canales, winner of the most viralized clip in the university students category.

05/05/14 20:33 Álvaro Pérez Arieta

Javier Raventós has won the I Contest #celebratingjournalism organized by the School of Communication of the University of Navarra and Conversacionescon, with the goal to rethink the role of Journalism in our society. Raventós has won the first prize award in the category for students from high school diploma. In the same category, Noelia Almoguera and Loreto Sesma received runner-up prizes for their works. Also in the category of university students María José Canales has received the award for the most viralized video, leaving the jury deserted the award for the best clip.

Javier Raventós, student of high school La Farga in Barcelona, has made the video If I don't speak others will about the value of freedom of expression. The first award carries a 40% discount on the enrollment of the first course of any of the Degrees taught at School Communication. For their part, the two runner-up prizes each grant another 20% discount. María José Canales, winner of the most viralized video in the university category, will receive an iPad Mini.

Category high school diploma

Winner: Javier Raventós 

Runner-up: Loreto Sesma

Accesit: Noelia Almoguera

University Category

Most viralized: María José Canales

Best clip: desert