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The University and Novartis present the 18th edition of seminar "Comunicar Es Salud".

The meeting, which will be taught in online format, will feature healthcare professionals, journalists and influencers.

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PHOTO: Manuel Castells
16/12/20 15:25

The University of Navarra and Novartis present one more year the seminar "Communicating is Health", a training proposal focused on improving the communication of health issues with different audiences, from the patient to society in general.

The present edition, which will be in online format, will consist of 19 sessions that will run from January 20 to March 24, 2021 and are aimed at both students in the field of health sciences and students and professionals in journalism and communication.

This year, in addition to knowledge dissemination health professionals in the medical field and in the media, the focus will be on online communication, the management of information on social networks, thefake news and how to make good use of health information in the networks.

With this goal, the 2021 edition welcomes new speakers such as the neuroscientist Conchi Lillo, the director of the TVE program "El Cazador de Cerebros", Pere Estupinyà or the journalist and social average manager David Belzunce, who will join speakers already present in previous editions.

Throughout the sessions, professors, journalists and healthcare professionals will address communication in the doctor-patient relationship, as well as communication from organizations and the media. All of this to deepen in how effective communication can lead to a better social awareness of health and, consequently, to better health care.

Growing presence of communication in the management health

Alejandro Navas, Professor of Sociology and Communication at the University of Navarra and manager of seminar, emphasizes the importance of communication in health: "Along with teaching and research, the University of Navarra devotes special attention to health care (clinical), research (research) and (medicine, nursing, pharmacy and science).Cima) and professor (Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Science). It was logical to also count on the School of Communication to develop activities such as this seminar. Communication is increasingly present in the health management , from the dialogue between doctor and patient in the enquiry to the public discussion on health policy".

For his part, Daniel Gil, head of press at group Novartis Spain, maintains: "Communicating well on health issues is of great importance, since the transparency and truthfulness of what is said has an impact on people's lives. Providing knowledge in this area and betting on this seminar is totally consistent with our way of understanding communication at Novartis".

Given the status marked by the pandemic and with the desire to bring the course to more people, this edition will be in online format. The registration is free and anyone interested in the content of the course can sign up through the following link.