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The university year begins with 8,700 students, 2,200 new ones, and special security measures.

Most have started face-to-face classes, with 1566 new spaces at work and technological infrastructure throughout campus to deliver teaching remotely when necessary.

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PHOTO: Manuel Castells
01/09/20 15:58

8,700 students from Degree started classes today at the University of Navarra at campus in Pamplona and San Sebastian. Most of them have done it in person and personalized, and with all the necessary security measures.

"We started the course excited about welcoming new students. We have designed 40 measures thinking about the status that covid has generated for us, basically with three lines of work: teaching We have designed 40 measures with three main lines of action in mind: Vice President , heal th and scholarships," said Tomás Gómez-Acebo, Alumni.

"All this would not be possible if each and every member of the university community did not collaborate in following the prevention measures inside and outside the campus. Therefore, we think that if we are all so compliant and there is no selfish behavior this will be a memorable year," he said.

Students have begun classes with reduced seating capacity, in classrooms renovated with new technologies and resources, and with 1,566 new spaces at work. Thus, 450 webcams have been installed in classrooms, offices and seminars and infrastructure for streaming in 300 spaces, so that students who are in other areas, are sick or in quarantine, as well as international students who have not yet joined in person can follow the classes. "We are committed to teaching , but knowing that there will be students who will have to be away," said Tomás Gómez-Acebo.

So far, 1,285,000 euros have been invested in this project professor and it is estimated that with the start of the school year the total cost of improvement will be close to 2 million euros.

Although the enrollment process is still open, so far 2,193 new students have enrolled. The forecast is to exceed 2,200 first-year students, maintaining the positive trend of recent years. Of these students (2,193), 635 (29%) are from Navarra, 946 (43%) from outside Navarra and 612 (28%) from outside Spain, coming from 60 countries. Among them are the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Panama and Colombia.

From yesterday until tomorrow, Wednesday 2, each School and School will have sessions designed for new students to learn about the center as well as administrative and academic topics.

12,000 students and academic news

In total, the academic center expects to have more than 12,000 students from Degree, doctorate and Master's Degree at its different campus . This academic year, 52 Degrees will be offered , with some novelties. It is worth highlighting the start of the new Study program in Medicine or the new diplomas of the School in Economics (Business Management and Strategy, Data Analytics, Finance and Accounting, General Management and Strategy or Innovation and Entrepreneurship). In addition, the School Nursing offers for the first time the Diploma in Psychology of Care. As for the programs of study of postgraduate program, this year will begin the Master's Degree in Computational Methods, under the School of Sciences, the double Master's Degree University in Architecture and in design and management Environmental Building, of the School of Architectureor the double Master's Degree in academic staff and Educational and Psychological Intervention, from the School of Education and Psychology.