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The School de Enfermería celebrates the conference de career guidance

A total of 21 companies came to campus to conduct first interviews employment with senior students.

/conference de career guidance 2024

08 | 02 | 2024

As every year, the School of Nursing organized the conference of career guidance (JOP), an event aimed at the students of the School that is part of the Employability plan. Until now, these conference were held on a single day where students from all four courses received sessions tailored to their current academic status . However, this year it has been decided to organize them on different days, as explained by Jokin Sanchez, coordinator of the program: "We have seen fit to hold the JOPs at different times, because a student first year student is not in the same vital status as a third or fourth year student. Therefore, we believe that a more personalized attention is offered to students if we dedicate a day exclusively to them to explain how to face their professional future".

On February 7 it was the turn of the third and fourth year students. Both groups received different sessions, from how to face an interview at work, to preparing the curriculum vitae, as well as lectures with experts on different professional competencies, such as empathizing and arguing, communication, international cooperation and leadership. The final year students received sessions related to the employment opportunities, such as the job listings Public in Navarra and the Basque Country, the experience of taking the EIR and the types of training from postgraduate program.

In addition, 21 national and international companies participated in the event, which, distributed in stands, offered more information about their job opportunities, as well as the possibility of conducting first interviews employment for fourth-year students, who in a few months will finish their university programs of study .

A personalized employability plan during the Degree

The Employability Plan of the Nursing School is designed to accompany students throughout the four years of the Degree. In this way, the aim is to make them more employable and prepared to choose the career path they want. This program includes sessions, conferences and workshops that take place at different times during the academic year, allowing students to prepare for their professional future from the first year.