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The University presents a plan against Covid19 for the academic year 2020/21

The center will allocate 2 million euros more to scholarships, reaching 6.5 million euros for Degree and Master's Degree. Commitment to improving the quality of professor, face-to-face and online, and a healthcare protocol with access to PCR testing for students and employees.

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PHOTO: Manuel Castells
12/05/20 13:26

The University of Navarra reinforces its aid program and will allocate 2 million euros more for students from Degree and Master's Degree, whose families are experiencing financial difficulties due to the coronavirus crisis.

The global budget for scholarships for the next academic year will amount to 6.5 million euros, including other programs such as Alumni Scholarships. The goal is that around 3,000 students will benefit, one thousand more than this year. "The University intends to make a special effort and also intends to apply for financial aid to alumni, companies, institutions and individual donors who want to contribute to training a new generation of professionals, capable of facing future challenges," explained President, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero.

This increase in study grants is one of the three pillars of the Prepara2 plan, designed to face the next academic year and deal with the crisis generated by the pandemic. "We are ready to continue putting our work, our knowledge and our research at the service of society, now more than ever, in need of solidarity. To guarantee that no student who wants to study at the University of Navarra will be unable to do so; to provide an innovative teaching ; and to turn our campus into safe places for employees, students and visitors," he continued.

The President addressed all University employees today during an online session and explained the measures that the organization has planned for the coming months and for the 2020-21 academic year. In addition to financial aid, it continues to advocate for a personalized teaching and health care for the entire university community.

teaching to build a more humane world

"At the University of Navarra, we are preparing to live in a new world. At first glance, there is a feeling of uncertainty and fear. However, the Covid19 health crisis has underlined what we have always taught and learned: that science is at the service of life, that we are vulnerable and need to care for others, that building a more humane and caring world is the most beautiful and intelligent option. Our teaching has this formative purpose and the crisis has only reinforced it," said Sánchez-Tabernero.

The University is still committed to face-to-face classes, the relationship between professors and students from different countries and coexistence. In this regard, the President has pointed out that the center is working with a clear goal : the start of on-site classes on September 1, provided that the authorities allow it and applying all health protocols.

However, the institution does not rule out the teaching online if necessary, if there are students who cannot attend to class temporarily or if the classrooms had to be closed again. "In all possible scenarios there is an invariable condition: teachers will deliver a quality teaching , from each teacher to each student, so that their academic performance does not deteriorate," he has assured.

With a view to the next academic year, the Quality and Innovation Service continues working to design new teaching methodologies that stimulate service-learning and the intellectual and collaborative work , incorporating everything that has been learned in an accelerated manner during the months of March, April and May.The activity of the University of Navarra has not stopped with the confinement. After almost two months of teaching online, 1,889 subjects have been taught in non-attendance mode, 24,640 teaching hours, and 68,742 exams are being taken in non-attendance mode. Students have received 1,000 online sessions per day, participated in 29,258 discussion forums, generated 3.5 million files and submitted a total of 1,379 final projects Degree and Master's Degree.

"They are data that speak of intense activity in the network and also of the extraordinary character of our students. In these days they have understood that now it is up to them to lead their learning process and they have understood that we cannot control all the variables," said the President.

Sánchez-Tabernero made a special reference to the final year students: "Many of you will be returning to the University to study at Master's Degree. At the same time, we would like you all to be able to celebrate the graduation you dream of, as soon as possible. We want to accompany you and help you in these moments that are very complicated for you, because of the difficulties in finding your first employment". In addition, support groups have been set up at Schools to meet the needs of the students.

PCR test for employees and students

The Prepara2 plan sample pays special attention to health care. Among other measures, it includes that students and employees of the University, as long as the health authorities allow it, can have the test PCR. A health protocol has been established in case of detection of Covid19 symptoms and students will receive specific information on health coverage. A virtual medical office is planned to be set up to deal with student queries.

In addition, a series of prevention and hygiene measures have been established in all areas of campus including, among others: promote interpersonal or social distancing, controlling capacity and making schedules more flexible to avoid crowds in classrooms, dining rooms and other common areas; the generalized use of masks and alkogel; and protective screens have begun to be placed in different positions of work, starting with those that require a direct contact with the public contact .