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The works about Tajonar made by the students of the School of Architecture will be exhibited at El Sadar.

Osasuna visited the academic center to see some of the students' best projects, which will be displayed at the Reds' stadium in the coming weeks.

FotoCedida/Elprofesor de la School of Architecture Javier Sáez Gastearena explains to Osasuna what some of the projects on Tajonar made by the students of the 2nd year of Degree in Architecture consist of.

14 | 06 | 2024

Osasuna received last week the work done by the students of the 2nd year of Degree in programs of study of Architecture of the University of Navarra on the expansion of the facilities of Tajonar. Representatives of the club had the opportunity to see, first hand, a selection of the 92 works carried out individually by the students of the university center and that, during these months, have served to guide some of the decisions that the club has had to take to define the final project .

During all this time, the students have carried out a collaborative project between five subjects (Project Workshop II, City and Landscape, Installations I, Structural Systems and Construction II) divided into two phases in which they have tried to respond to the functional demands of the club and, in addition, to organize the facilities as a whole. Directed by the professors of School of Architecture Mariano González Presencio, Marta García Alonso, Javier Sáez Gastearena, Luis Tena, Nuño Mardones, Juan Bautista Echeverría, María Fernández-Vigil, José Manuel Cabrero, Rufino Goñi, Ana Sánchez Ostiz, Aurora Barrio Monge and Mª Elena Aparicio, the students visited the land on which the extension of the Ciudad Deportiva de Tajonar will be built last February.

In the coming weeks, the club will exhibit a sample of the students' work at the El Sadar stadium so that the fans can learn more about the different proposals outlined by the students, which have undoubtedly enriched the project that Osasuna plans to carry out in Tajonar.

The KREAN team will design the project

The future architects of the University of Navarra will not be in charge of giving the form final to project, a work that KREAN is carrying out with the help of architects Xabier Rozas, Claudia Mayor and Diego Rodriguez. The KREAN team also counts on the architect Fernando Benito's partnership . KREAN's proposal has been finally chosen by the club among the three requested to different architectural programs of study .

More information about project to be held in Tajonar.