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The researcher of ICS David Thunder has received the certification of the I3 Program granted by the Government of Spain.

The I3 Program certification is offered after assessing the quality of the scientific production and activity of a Ramón y Cajal researcher

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David Thunder, researcher Ramón y Cajal ICS
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
14/12/20 11:39 Natalia Rouzaut

David Thunder, researcher Ramón y Cajal of the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) of the University of Navarra, has received from the Government of Spain the certification of the Incentive Program for the Incorporation and Intensification of Research Activity (I3). Thanks to it, the ICS has received a financial aid to consolidate this researcher in the team of the project 'Religion and Civil Society', in which he has worked since 2012.

Thunder will continue his research on the political, institutional and sociological foundations of a society whose members can fully develop through their participation in a wide range of associations. These include universities, schools, neighborhoods, cities, cooperatives, philanthropic and cultural associations and churches.

This certification is awarded to researchers distinguished with a financial aid Ramón y Cajal whose quality in scientific production and activity implies an outstanding research trajectory. For the researcher, to have been positively assessed is an honor. "It is a recognition of the outstanding contribution of my work", he said.