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The group City Science of the MIT average Lab visit Tecnun

Participating in a session are director, Kent Larson, and alumni Naroa Coretti and Iñigo Azkárate, members of group City Science in Boston.

14 | 12 | 2023

Researchers at the MIT average Lab have given a session at Tecnun with the goal to bring their research and to continue working in the City Science Lab Gipuzkoalaboratory innovation, based in Tecnun and Mubil, focused on projects to improve cities.

"We are proud to have established a science laboratory in Gipuzkoa through this prestigious group of research , which will soon be full of life", said Raúl Antón, director of Tecnun, during his speech. It should be noted that this laboratory is part of the international network of group City Science, also present in other places such as Taipei, Shanghai, Toronto or Israel.


For his part, the director of the group City Science of the average Lab, Kent Larson, explained the work of this group of MIT that studies the development of new systems of mobility, transformable urban housing and predictive technology for the improvement of communities.


Also in attendance were alumni NaroaCoretti and Iñigo Azkárate, members of group City Science in Boston. In a colloquium moderated by the director of Tecnun's City Science Lab Gipuzkoa, Zuriñe Varela, the alumni explained their work at MIT.

It should be noted that the relationship between the MIT group City Science average Lab and Tecnun dates back to 2011. As recalled by the director of Tecnun, since then, "many Tecnun students have had the opportunity to make research stays that have helped them to develop professional skills, and even become those who lead the spin off Ori that promoted the group City Science in the field of robotic architecture.